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Mango (mango TV TV client player) V5.0.2.435 green version 2018 Chinese

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  • Update: 2017-12-31
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 Mango (mango TV TV client player) V5.0.2.435 green version 2018 Chinese
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That is, a mango TV - "Mango network television" (imgoTV), is based on audio-visual interaction as the core, financial network characteristics and TV features in one, for the computer, mobile phone and television, to achieve the "three screen audio-visual new media integrated communication service platform". Mango TV based on the integration of Hunan radio and television media and mango quality resources, strong integration of content, innovative service application, expand the communication field, improve the user experience, open up a new video transmission format, through video application, to create international well-known brand TV network, Golden Eagle interview is mango TV independent trump card program, Hunan satellite TV broadcast simultaneously with international channels.


Two, The new mango TV LOGO logo, a new visual interface. The new video collection, Sina micro-blog and other social sharing functions to optimize the video broadcast.

Mango TV channel:

Hunan Entertainment
Hunan TV drama
Hunan public
Golden Eagle cartoon TV
Golden Eagle documentary
Pioneer Pingyu
Vanguard records
Qinghai Satellite TV
CCTV Golf and tennis
The Golf Channel
Happy Fishing
Four seas fishing
Tianyuan weiqi
Jiangsu holiday
Changsha news channel
Changsha Zhengfa
Changsha female channel
Xiangtan comprehensive channel


This version is green to billboards, after decompression, free installation. Love to see children may wish to use the Hunan channel!

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