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Adobe XI Pro 11.0.20 Chinese crack version download (registration serial number)

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  • Update: 2017-12-31
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Adobe  XI Pro 11.0.20 Chinese crack version download (registration serial number)
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XI Pro is the most powerful PDF tools of A, it has not only excellent PDF editing and conversion software. The update depth of integration of the Microsoft Office suite, Word, Excel and PDF to achieve seamless inter and PowerPoint document conversion, and the integration of cloud services, you can store the PDF document in Microsoft SharePoint server and Office 365, can be stored in the Adobe's own .com cloud server. Adobe and XI Pro will be the perfect support for IOS, Andriod and Wondows 8 platform.

Function introduction:

A scan to PDF, PDF documents:
Use the X built-in Pro PDF converter, you can make paper documents, spreadsheets, email, website, Excel photos, Flash and other content scanning or converted to PDF document.
1, scan to PDF: scan paper documents and form and convert them to PDF. Automatically search for scanning text using OCR, then check and repair the suspicious error. You can export text, reuse them in other applications.
2, Word, Excel to PDF: integrated in Microsoft Office in the use of a key function to convert PDF files, including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook.
3, print to PDF: in any Adobe PDF as to create PDF document application in print printer. X can capture the appearance and style of the original document.
4, HTML to PDF: in IE or Firefox click the page capture for the PDF file, and all links will be intact. You can only select the required content conversion part ".
Two, edit PDF, convert PDF to Word, Excel, PDF print:
1, quick edit PDF documents: in the PDF file directly to the text and images to edit, change, delete, re ordering and rotating PDF page.
2, PDF Word, Excel: PDF files will be exported to Microsoft Word or Excel file, and keep the layout, format and form.
3, fast printing PDF: reduce printer error and delay. Preview, prepress check, correction and ready for high-end printing and digital publishing PDF file.
Three, create rich media PDF file:
Will include electronic forms, web pages, video and other rich content for an optimized PDF document, so as to enhance the effect. Easily customize the PDF package, highlighting your brand image and style.

Functional characteristics

Considering the XI installation, use and update the possible problems,
This version of the installation program is no longer integrated installation including crack and update XI,
The original installation (double installation mode, add ignore AAM installation) + independent + offline activation patch
The adobe msi/msp based on the understanding of, is not recommended to install the patch by adding PATCH setup.ini for practice. This paper do repeat.
XI offline activation method and master version of offline activation is similar

Modify the hosts file to activate the Shield network

After HOST treatment, under normal circumstances without broken network installation. If you want to activate the product in the trial state must be broken in order to enter the serial number network offline activation.

Note: the global environment (such as VPN) HOST does not work, must be shielded adobe_licutil.exe network access in the firewall


Run the registration machine, click GENERATE to generate Serial, the serial number of copy paste to setup
(please do not hand cheap multi point GENERATE, do not close the registry)
Normal installation is complete
Open the main program
A pop-up menu to verify
If for various reasons did not verify the pop-up menu, open the "menu" - > "help" - > "product registration" (the menu to wait 10~20 seconds to display normal!)
Click on the upper left "Internet connection problems?"
Click on the lower right corner of the "offline activation", click on the lower right corner of the "generation request code" pop-up "offline activation"
Select "copy the request code, copy to the registered machine second Request
Click Register GENERATE button to generate a response code, copy machine for third registered Activation box text
Return to the "offline activation", attached to the response code box, click the "activate" complete

The password: Sd173
The specific methods of crack can see compression package installation instructions, you can also view the Baidu Library Godaddy .


Creating a modal dialog using app.execDialog (function) works on only one file if multiple instances of such files are open;
Reader crashes on creating link via Adobe send while checked Stay signed In is ";
Mac specific issue with SOAP lookups;
Send file as attachment is not working;
Tracker window fails to load in /Reader;
Because of copyright issues have been cancelled to download! Please support genuine!
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