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NetEase cloud music computer version PC version V2.5.3.1051 green portable version - find good music

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2019-06-10
  • Official website: NetEase cloud music
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 NetEase cloud music computer version PC version V2.5.3.1051 green portable version - find good music
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NetEase cloud music is a music product focused on discovery and sharing. It relies on professional musicians, DJ, friends recommendation and social functions to create new music life for users.

Function introduction


The red black system extends the design features of NetEase's cloud music. The red and black interface design gives users a sense of high-end atmosphere and has a cool texture. The module design of interface integration subverts the concept of traditional music playlists, and listens to songs with the song as the main dimension. The menu bar is located on the left side, playing the menu bar and hidden playlist at the bottom, weakening the concept of playlist, allowing users to manage their music in the form of songs.
User friendly music management

The editor's interface.

Users can manage songs and compile song lists at PC end, including drag sorting, drag and add song list. These adjustments are very convenient for computer users.

The list of songs is rich in content.

Song list and recommendation page.

According to the style, scene, mood and so on, we provide dozens of labels to meet users' needs of listening to music at different time, place and mood. In addition, there are also the big weekly list updated and the exclusive original DJ program of NetEase cloud music.

Search results page.

There are five options for singles, singers, albums, singles and users. You can also see the heat of a single song in order to determine which version is loved by users.

Users can comment and forward all the singles, albums, singles, DJ programs, publish their feelings and views on music, and engage in social activities with music as their content.

Song audition page.

A social function key on the head of a song sheet.

You can choose different sound quality.

It can match local music.

NetEase cloud music provides 320K high quality listening for all music in the music library. Users can choose their own sound quality according to the network condition. In the local music column, NetEase cloud music can automatically search local music files, music matching in its own library, and upgrade local music to high-quality music free.

The online version of the PC version means that NetEase cloud music has further realized the cloud synchronization of content, three versions of PC, APP and web pages. No matter which version it is, collecting songs or creating song lists can synchronize data instantly if connected to the network.
Functional characteristics

Compared with other music products in the market, NetEase cloud music has the following four functions: singing list, social networking, big name recommendation and music fingerprint technology. Its main features include:
1. users can create, collect and share song lists according to their own preferences, and use user generated songs as basic clues.
2. users can import the original mobile phone address book, SNS relationship, or use the LBS function of NetEase cloud music to build a music social circle.
3. users can create their own homepage, which can focus on each other and share music, and the user's dynamic will appear in this circle.
4. NetEase cloud music includes DJ and musicians exclusive homemade programs.
5. apply music fingerprint technology to help users find songs by listening to music melodies.


Account login protection is all in place, more comfortable listening to music to make friends.
One step scan code, faster landing cloud music to hear your love songs.
Regular shutdown for smooth listening time.
Other optimization lets you enjoy the PC service of cloud music more leisurely.
Download address
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