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Windows 10 Manager win8.1/Win10 optimization tool V3.0.0 registered version

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  • Update: 2019-01-08
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Windows 10 Manager win8.1/Win10 optimization tool V3.0.0 registered version
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Windows10 Manager is a registered version can help you optimize, adjust, repair and clean up the Windows10 System utility program. It will increase the speed of the system, you eliminate system failures, improve system security, and meet all your expectations.
Windows 10 Manager is a system tool, can help you optimize, adjust, repair and cleaning of the Windows 10. it will improve your system speed, eliminate system failure, improve system security and meet all your expectations. Windows 10 is a system management tool, can help you optimize, adjust, repair and cleaning of the Windows 10. it will improve your system speed, eliminate system failure, improve system security and meet all your expectations.

2019.1.8 update
Windows 10 Manager 3.0.0 version

Function introduction


Get detailed system and all hardware information; help you find Windows, install key Office products; shows all the detailed information about processes and threads running on your machine; Windows 10 manager provides 1 click cleanup to automatically clean up your system; maintenance center can help you to solve all kinds of problems of system.


Adjust your system to improve Windows startup and shutdown speed, adjust the hardware to improve the speed and performance of the system; start control when Windows starts to check and repair the malicious content, senior starup project to restore the virus caused the change; the adjustment and optimization of service system and task planning, intelligent shut down some unnecessary system services and tasks with to improve the performance of the system.

Cleaning procedures:

Find out what file or folder occupies the disk space and graph display; intelligent uninstall program can completely remove the program from your system, no residual files and registry entries; to find and clean up junk files to increase hard disk space; repeat file search can scan your computer files with the same size, name and modification time the registry registry cleaning procedures; check and repair the wrong link; registry defragmentation and reorganize your registry registry to reduce access time, so as to improve the response speed of the application; desktop cleaner can easily remove useless desktop icons and files.


By adjusting the system resource manager, desktop, start menu and taskbar notification area from the definition of system appearance; management of fixed project, and can be any file or folder fixed to the taskbar and start screen; use jumplists starter create a quick start project on the taskbar; adjust the Windows 10 start menu; context menu editor right mouse button click; right click on the lower left corner of the desktop or the Win + X keyboard shortcuts, easily edit Win + X menu; create a shortcut to quickly perform in the run dialog box. Visual Customizer can change the system and file type icon, automatically change the lock screen image.


By adjusting the components of the system, improve the system security to UAC and registry settings; adjust the system restore option; hide and restrict access to the driver and program; encryption / decryption file system folder will be moved to a safe place; undelete accidentally deleted or formatted in the files on the disk; privacy protection can keep your privacy by remove your traces; hide, add or delete control panel items.


Optimize your Internet connection speed, manage all sharing projects; Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer easy adjustment; IP switch on different networks can easily switch your IP address; edit the hosts file to accelerate to browse the Internet, and only allow access to the specified host.

Miscellaneous. The utility:

Show the collection of the Windows utility and the system project is locked to the start screen and the taskbar; split and merge any files; use super copy regular automatic backup file. The registry tool can help you easily operate the registry.

Activation installation tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, windows10manager.exe setup and yamicsoft_aio_5in1_v2.5_keygen_uret.exe register
2, double-click the windows10manager.exe operation, installation language simplified Chinese

3, according to the prompt, the installation is complete, the launch of the software

4, click to buy activation options

5, run the register file, click patch

6, the registered machine serial number is copied to the software activation window, click activate

7, software registration is completed, will automatically restart the software

8, the software interface as shown in the figure, hurry to use it!


- perfect some functions.
- Fixed some errors.
- added in Serbia.
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