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Orange light text game production tools v2.4.7.0716 the latest version of the 64 orange light production tools

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-07-17
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Orange light text game production tools v2.4.7.0716 the latest version of 64 orange light production tools
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Orange light text game production tools 66RPG is a word game production software, the two version is the "Wizard" the rainbow text game.

This tool is still the pursuit of rapid, visual and humane, no encoding operation process, and strive to make the game production threshold to a minimum. Now, the "orange light" is only a beginning, it is far from perfect, but we will continue to follow the requirements of manufacture and adjustment of everyone. In less than 1 months from now, will look into the rough delicate good tool.

What do the orange light:

"Orange light text game production tools (hereinafter referred to as the orange light") is a text adventure, love games to develop software. This tool does not require programming, do not need a long learning process, can let you make all your own game.

Efficiency: orange light production efficiency is very high, the college entrance examination in 2013 when we initiate an activity, try to each provincial college entrance essay into the game. At noon on June 7th announced the college entrance essay provinces, in the evening, the essay on each of the provinces have made the game!

Easy to learn: 2013 college entrance examination in the production of the day of the event, the two author is never used orange light, but also within 8 hours of learning with do it. Orange light after the 2013 design software, and the software programmer itself is a game producer was born, in 6, 7 years to be in 6R, in the understanding of user experience is certainly guaranteed.

Good at making the genre: drama text game orange light is most suitable for the production of [with] to change the game options, such as "Clannad", "autumn", "Fate/Stay night" memories; if you want to make the system more complicated, so the increase in about two hours of study time, you can do with a map to explore the location of mobile games.

The online operation, mobile phone operation: orange light is independent research and development of game engine, the use of cloud computing (high-tech ah) to make the bottom, made out of the game can be run directly in PC, Web, or directly in the mobile phone after operation. Just like the above example, you put the game connection in the forum, no need to download the game player can run (if you love, also can also provide traditional download and run PC version). But the most unique is: the game online operation and download address is fixed, released after the game if you update the game content, do not need to replace the new post.

The material library: orange light provides a large number of original material, the author can buy to the production cost of 1-2% price, after the purchase carefully handled material will appear in the project, a drag can be used directly. It is the use of the efficient material library, which makes development much faster than other tools and the use of this library, the entire game without any copyright disputes, do things out clean, no resources or being accused of piracy worries.

Orange light angel: as long as according to the format post on the 66RPG forum, show your project plan, you will be a forum assistant manually add 66 (Rainbow coins for the purchase of material resources), so that you can successfully make early game DEMO DEMO; if you get recognized, then 66RPG will further support you, permissions open all the material library for you, or even to provide you with more independent art resources to help you complete the game.


The software itself comes with a tutorial to help document, PDF format, installation and operation of the software, click the help button




- screen display
- Music / sound / speech resource list width adjustment
Event editor
- fixed crash set the text color text edit box possible
Revise the text edit box set text color mismatch
Text edit box [source code] in the display mode, disable text color and pause settings
- fixed the edit box to record user preferences for display source code
The differences in judgment - and flowers related comparison branch only is greater than or equal to [] and [] (less than two of the project)
- the game is released
- fixed part due to the lack of the system (such as font.list, Game.bin etc.) problems lead to failure of packing
- the user and inform the engineering integrity check before packing
Import UI file - Amendment due to lack of package failure problem.
- the game set
- Fixed exporting UI due to some setting error UI cannot be used (or use the package after the failure problem)
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