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Kingsoft 2019 (latest official version) 11 v11.2018.5.2 (Free Edition)

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-01-08
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Kingsoft 2019 (latest official version) 11 v11.2018.5.2 (Free Edition)
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Kingsoft 2019 combines heuristic search, code analysis, virtual machines and other narcotics industry proven mature and reliable anti-virus technology. Revolutionary antivirus system, starting from the common channel of the invading virus consists of a new "border defense", from the source to each intrusion prevent viruses; new virus quickly shot dead seckill, a variety of new threats! The incredible light and fast, 10 seconds to install, 10MB memory, 10MB installation package! The cheetah home.


Full scan
A key to solve the problem of computer.
The blue core IV engine
The killing ability of leading industry
Purification of software
Rogue promotion, completely destroyed
Win10 support
Edge browser exclusive protection
The theme of the skin
Our skin, personality


Kingsoft 11.2018.5.12018.12.24 update
Functional properties:
[1] eye mode) arbitrary switching optimization wallpaper interactive experience, want to cut, cut; 2) the new "love" function: support download wallpaper, as your desktop wallpaper, record your good mood; 3) the new "share" function: support to share micro-blog, QQ space, QQ, share the happiness to a friend
[Computer] acceleration  1, accelerate the ball to increase software CPU occupied high alert. Caton computer do not know why? May be because of a very high occupancy CPU software. Duba give you intimate reminder, a key to accelerate let the computer faster
2, accelerate the ball increase without response software to identify and alert, no response in the software can help you close the software, let the computer move stuck
3, accelerate the panel to increase no response and high CPU tags, to provide you with more information software, help you do will accelerate

[1] virus killing and increase non PE to JS local killing ability
2, to enhance the "U" capability to intercept autoplay virus
[security] enhanced defense default browser protection, avoid malicious software tampering with the default browser settings
[Orca Browser] new privacy cleanup, Coowon Browser, Elements Browser three software privacy clean-up, protect your little secret.
[] performance optimization optimization performance of Duba unnecessary consumption, avoid performance
[software] housekeeper accidentally installed a bunch of rogue software? Too much is not commonly used software with computer space? Please uninstall the control panel, it is very difficult to find? Kingsoft software housekeeper came!
Right click the desktop shortcut add uninstall entrance, right-click the Icon software, can accurate positioning to the software, one click uninstall with no residue, don't want to say goodbye to the software

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