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CorelDRAW X7 win10 cracked version v17.1.0.572 free serial number Chinese crack version 64

  • Software size: 0.25 MB
  • Update: 2017-12-31
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 CorelDRAW X7 win10 cracked version v17.1.0.572 free serial number Chinese cracked version of 64
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Comprehensive graphic design software
The new look, new tools and enhance the main function, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 opened the door to new ideas. We have designed many new work area can reflect the nature of your workflow, so you can easily use whenever and wherever possible the tools needed. Whether it is to create graphics and layout, or edit photos or web design, the complete set of graphic design software can help you follow your own style to arbitrarily design.

Function introduction

The history of the most intuitive CorelDRAW
Easy to start and run
From concept to production, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 can help you create your own style according to. With the help of the new "quick start" option to immediately start. In addition, with the help of thousands of high quality images, fonts, templates, clipart and filled with, you can immediately come forward to the creation of exquisite design printing and web mapping.

New features!

Through the Windows 10 compatibility test
Using the new Microsoft Windows 10, the function and advantage of experience like a graphics program. With all the latest technological advances in the operating system.
The update to the AfterShot (CorelDRAW Edition)
New features!
The update to the AfterShot (CorelDRAW Edition) - (Advanced)
In the new update of AfterShot (CorelDRAW Edition) more functional experience version, this version supports HD display excellent performance. In addition, you can use more RAW camera file format, and to enhance support for specific types of camera.
The CorelDRAW developer community
New features!
The CorelDRAW developer community
The new developer community website to help automate tasks using macros to create custom tools, has also developed a variety of integrated CorelDRAW solutions to help you create your own animation tools. The experience of useful resources, including to bring you this paper programming guide and inspire.
Senior knife tool to add profile options
New features!
Senior knife tool to add profile options
The use of advanced knife tool segmentation object, CorelDRAW allows you to convert the object contour curve or contour. If you are not sure, the application will automatically select the best preserves the appearance of options.
Expert opinion
The market leader gordongroup to understand the design basis and how to make full use of graphics to benefit. The Ariel Garaza Diaz to obtain a fine mesh filled car illustration artistic skills by Oscar E. Osorio-Cortes.
Software download:
Download 32:
Download 64:
Copy the download address to the new Thunder download task, below is the update patch download.
When you open a Coreldraw display error code 38:
You can use the following methods to solve:
First, probably because of anti piracy services are prohibited, so take what security guards what antivirus software are off.
Right click my computer desktop - - management service for a Protexis Licensing V this service
If this service is starting to look at the state, if not, start it.
If not.
You can then start - run SC deleteProtexis Licensing V2 input and then enter, if successfully deleted, then try to run the X7, if you can, to be registered in accordance with the above steps.
But if that can not find, such as tips, that really do not have this service.
1. began to enter the SC deleteProtexis Licensing V2 to run, is to delete the service (optional).
2. C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\Protexis\License Service to delete the path of the PsiService_2.exe file (optional).
3. will rename the same path as the PsiKey*.dll PsiClient.dll, * said any character, for example: PSIKey-03000201.dll.
4. will rename the PsiClient.dll file to replace the CorelDRAW installation path of all the PsiClient.dll file with the same name.
Note: the CorelDRAW installation path PsiClient.dll has multiple, respectively, in a different folder.
Decompression password:
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