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v3.5.1808.2937 cracked version and use tutorial (live broadcast tool)

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  • Update Date: 2018-11-12
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  v3.5.1808.2937 cracked version and use tutorial (live broadcast tool)
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is a popular live video software in foreign countries. You can record games while allowing others to appreciate your super gods technology. Many foreign players play games with them, such as Chaox, Doublelift and HotshotGG. In short, he is very popular and loved by the players. He can easily record video games of you, and the finished video can be directly transmitted to famous video websites such as potatoes and Youku.
XSplit Broadcaster is aimed at professional or advanced multimedia broadcasters. Live and record ultra high quality with endless functions and flexible plug-ins. XSplit Broadcaster is the most reliable live broadcast tool you can find, and is widely used by professional playmakers and producers.

The software needs the computer to install Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 runtime library.
If you do not install it, please download and install it yourself. Here is the download address:
The use of :
Start with some settings, clicking "tools", "general settings", and selecting "Convention" in the pop-up window.
Then click "check" and "resolution" to select the resolution in your game.
For example, the resolution of my heroic union is 1366*768. When I record it, I choose a resolution similar to this resolution. This is based on game resolution. Otherwise, it will not be clear after recording.
If you don't have the resolution in the game, click the "tools", "general settings", "resolution" to find the resolution in your game, then hook, if not, add one to yourself. XSplit 1.3 cracked version
Next, start a new recording window, select "file", "add screen area", when the mouse will become a coordinate axis, you only need to pull from the upper left corner of the screen to the lower right corner, so that the scope of your choice is all the scope of your screen. But if you want to record only part of the screen area, draw it on a coordinate axis.
After setting up the screen area, it will be displayed in the window, but at this time, he is shrinking. We want to enlarge it, let him fill the window, and drag it directly in the window to adjust the size.
OK has been basically set up here. If you want to record videos, click "broadcast" and "record video". For the first time, the quality settings of the video will be popped up. According to the settings below, the video uploaded to Youku is already super clear. Computer hardware is not very good, you can appropriately lower the picture quality and maximum code rate. At the same time, you can set up the shortcut keys for the video recording, and set the tools, general settings and shortcut keys.
After recording, check the video, click the "tools", "my video", choose the file you landed on ID, where you record all the videos. After recording, you will find that the video will not be very large. If you edit the video, you can edit it later, add some background music, subtitles, and explain something. Then you can send it to the Internet.
Here, you can record videos with XSplit.
I wish you all a wonderful video.


3.4 update log
Features and improvements
CPPCORE-XXXX/XBC-7253 – Update to latest internal components
CPPCORE-1554 – Update to NDI component
CPPCORE-1595 – Possible app crash/freeze issue preceded by camera/capture card source showing card
XBC-6880 – Remove Flash prerequisite on certain systems
XBC-7022 – Posting to other FB pages in Share Dialog + Layout improvements
XBC-7048 – Facebook Live Broadcast Plugin Easy Setup Page + other improvements
XBC-7087 – Allow simultaneous download of multiple plugins on search
XBC-7116/7227 – Internal improvements to Projector
XBC-7129 – Offer to install related plugins when new broadcast plugin is plugin
XBC-7130 – Make sure Facebook broadcast plugin is always installed when logging when
XBC-7150 – Rephrase the revoked token warning message
XBC-7156/7190 – Update to Facebook token integration
XBC-7159 – Automatically set audio input for AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra (GC553)
XBC-7176/7177 – Improve identification of referral signups
XBC-7188 – Remove 1-10 resize hotkeys
XBC-7249 – Integrate Blackmagic source based on Blackmagic SDK
How to use:
Note: Deinterlacing not working in Legacy video processing
XBC-7281 – Remove "Optimize Scene Transition" option (Feature is already built into into built)
XBCPLUGINS-1269 – Localization support for Facebook source plugins
XBCPLUGINS-1299/1300 – Facebook Live Alerts (Beta) Update
CPPCORE-1565 – No longer able to toggle selected source visibility using space using
CPPCORE-1600 – Refresh of AVerMedia Live Gamer HD2 source causes the video the
XBC-5017 – Prompt to save settings may appear after confirming the restart the
XBC-6612/7225 – Pressing No to restart after changing advanced settings may still may
XBC-6656 – My Recordings: Description and tags viewed on one video re-appears video
XBC-6678 – Facebook Live stream may fail to start
Note: Show growl notification if secure streaming (RTMPS) fails to initialize (to)
XBC-6899 – Output channel and Ad hotkey can be listed apart on apart
XBC-6904 – Splash screen and login window are displayed simultaneously when any when
XBC-6993 – Selecting a non existing directory shows language key on the key
XBC-7039 – Error when starting stream/recording in some system
XBC-7059 – Missing Broadcast and Recording entries on Hotkeys tab on initial on
XBC-7071 – Log file archive gets dumped on desktop and uploaded file uploaded
XBC-7133 – Sharing tab: Non-default account can be left authenticated after removing after
XBC-7143 – Incorrect growl appears when stream is immediately stopped
XBC-7147 – Closing the OAuth window also closes the Share Video/Screenshot dialog
XBC-7160 – PUBG/Fortnite not being captured in Window Capture if "Stick to Stick"
XBC-7167 – NullReferenceException may appear upon login
XBC-7172 – Sharing: Post to dropdown is only limited to 25 Facebook pages
XBC-7180 – Background scenes (smooth transition, thumbnail preview) may stay loaded
XBC-7192 - "Remove Authorization" is displayed in Tools > Settings > Sharing tab for for tab 3.3.
XBC-7206 – Incorrect transition duration and playback is in slow mo when Mo
XBC-7208 – game search does not show full list from server
XBC-7216 – Possible ObjectDisposedException on attempting to stream to unauthenticated YouTube Live YouTube
XBC-7218 – Sharing: Share video dialog does not open after showing the showing
XBC-7220 – Changing screen projector from scene to live does not update
XBC-7222 – No-Source overlay does not update accordingly while on Split Mode
XBC-7223 - Exception may occur after resizing main window 's height
XBC-7229 – Internal errors with NVENC hardware codec
XBC-7240 - Local Recording cannot be activated in Macros / XBCPLUGINS-1374 - Broadcast and and
XBC-7242 – No-Source overlay remains when loading a scene with sources
XBC-7243 – Taskbar icon disappears when application loses focus after dismissing the "after"
XBC-7266/T7693 – Plugin Store does not show 'Update' button on "My Plugins"
XBC-7267 – Incorrect OEM carousel resolution
XBC-7277 – Render from Elgato HD 60 may not be smooth when internal when
XBC-7269 – NDI Source GUI issues
XBC-7283 – Internal fixes to Split mode
XBC-7285 – Internal fixes to Preview window & Thumbnail Preview
XBC-7315 – Mixer FTL stream playback may stutter when NVENC encoder is is NVENC "
XBC-7319 – Some window contents are smaller on 125% DPI scaling
XBCPLUGINS-1114 – Media Slideshow: Clicking on stepper arrows for interval causes memory causes
XBCPLUGINS-1267 – Source properties container disappears after clicking any dropdown using the using
Start the interface to select simplified Chinese in the lower left corner and login to your account without unlimited authorization.

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