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Wind Teng Foxit PDF Suite Enterprise version v8.3.2 2017 the latest version of the activation code

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-12-22
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Wind Teng Foxit PDF Suite Enterprise version v8.3.2 2017 the latest version of the activation code
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In order to meet the strong demand of enterprises, rich solution wind Teng Foxit PDF electronic document processing Suite Enterprise Edition provides a set of professional, safe and practical functions, meet the enterprise demand. It is recommended to finish the lightning. And bring the patch,. Welcome to download!

Its main functions are:

Senior editor and page management functions, can easily create and modify the PDF document;

Signed document;

High compression to create PDF documents;

Scanning and OCR (optical character recognition) function;

Security tools to protect the document has a high-end, such as IRM security and ciphertext etc.;

Integrated desktop PDF index function to the Microsoft Windows search;

Collaboration and sharing of the PDF document;

Create and fill out the form function;

Conversion and export function.

Rui Parker wind Teng Foxit roustar31 Enterprise Edition Special Edition features:

1, based on the official version of the production
2, the installation is completed automatically extended to 68 years probation
3, if 68 years of trial failure, will automatically import enterprise authorized version of key
4, the high 7z compression format, do not delete files under the condition of reduced from 427M to 261M

The new changes



2017.08.25 senior editor v8.3.2 PDF.

[] list of new features and enhancements

1. Internet PDF - is not only a new generation of intelligent PDF
Foxit Internet PDF is to extend the ISO PDF standard, through the cloud assigned a unique Internet identity information for each Internet PDF document (ID), no matter where, document distribution after many times of distribute and modify, is capable of tracking, document sharing and protection. Foxit PDF editor senior functional areas of the "Internet" tab contains a series of powerful and easy-to-use tools, provide the following main functions for you:
The Internet - create PDF document
Only one step to convert existing PDF documents into Internet PDF document. You can also use any PDF in the document set is automatically converted to the Internet PDF document.
The new version - Registration
Support the document will be modified by registering a new or updated version of the record on the Internet in the PDF server, and all versions can be tracked. You can also use the new version is uploaded to the server.
The owner of a document to register a new version, can update notification to all the users, the notification message can be displayed on the market most of the PDF reader. (only Enterprise Edition)
Request access to the file
Document the user (whether it is the owner of a document or other users) can be sent to other users request access required or accidentally deleted files, including other versions of files.
- tracking Internet PDF document
The Internet PDF document automatically tracing to which users when and where to open the document and what operations. (Note: the user can also be disabled by setting the automatic tracking data.)
The owner of a document can be set mandatory interconnection PDF track document, that all users have access to the document are to be opened to access the document after tracking data. (only Enterprise Edition)
- a key to protecting the Internet PDF document
The owner of a document in just one click to add protection to Internet PDF documents, but also on the user to configure different permissions. The document owner can limit can open the document and perform what operations which users. Different from other types of protection function, the protection function of Internet PDF cannot be released through third party tools.
- Internet - no need to review the shared server configuration
Users who have access without using any shared server can participate in the sharing of document review. In the Internet review process, all users can view real-time notes to each other.
- "through the document data control and set the home page"
Each Internet PDF documents have the corresponding "document" home page "document homepage" contained in the document and related properties, version of history, events and other related data. You can access the home page and control permissions on any device through a web browser.
Management - by "individual homepage" access to the file history and news
Each PDF has its own Internet users "personal home page" in the "profile" in the view you have all documents, documents and processed by all Internet PDF request message sent or received.

2. document sharing easier and safer
By sharing the plug-in document link, link will be sent by mail to others or share to social media, and through the advanced settings control document sharing permissions and deadlines, to provide a convenient and safe document sharing experience.

The function of content management integration of 3. enterprises to improve
Support the use of the system account login and improve the eDOCS and ndOffice in iManage WorkSite in the use of process, to enhance the user experience.

4. other features improved user experience.

[PROBLEMS] repair list

1. repair leads to the problem of slow startup.
2. Repair Senior Editor 8.3.0 version of Foxit PDF print PDF of some content is not normal printing problems.
3. for the malicious call app.launchURL script functions to perform local procedures, causes the program may suffer from command injection vulnerabilities in a non secure mode. (ZDI-CAN-4724)
The 4. is solved by the malicious call this.saveAs function to save the file in the local file system, causes the program may be subject to arbitrary file write vulnerabilities in a non secure mode. (ZDI-CAN-4518)
The 5. problem of the malicious call the createDataObject function to create any executable file in the local file system, causes the program may suffer any write vulnerabilities in a non secure mode.
The 6. is solved by calling the function to open any malicious executable file, causing the program may suffer from command injection vulnerabilities in the non safe mode. (ZDI-CAN-5030)
7. repair some of the security and stability problems. Visit to learn more.

"Wind Teng Foxit PDF suite" Enterprise Edition activation method:

1, ready to activate files, phc.dll files, phc64.dll replace the installation directory of the source file, the two files in the directory: C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit PhantomPDF\plugins;

2, the fpmkey.txt Files\Foxit Software\Foxit PhantomPDF copied to the C:\Program can be successfully activated;

3, after the activation of open software interface to English, click the "FILE" - "Preferences", Languages will modify the language as "Use system local language", then select "Updater" to "Do not download or install updates automatically", and click "OK";

4, restart the software can be accomplished!

"Wind Teng Foxit PDF Suite Enterprise Edition 7 features include:

Editing the content support automatic text and re format rearrangement, such as word processing software. The user can add and delete the content, layout from worries.

Through links, merge or split text blocks of text, more text editing. By moving the zoom and text blocks can optimize the layout of a document.

Edit the PDF text font, style, size, color and effect; in the multiple row you can choose left aligned, centered or right aligned text.

Copy and paste the text can retain the text style, including font, bold, color etc..

Edit the object and the gradient effect, to convert the text shape and merge / split text.

Automatically change the color of the text has been modified, for others to review. The user may need to open or close the function.

Check the spelling of the selected text or the entire document.

Set the paragraph indent.

Enhanced image editing function.

The objects are left aligned, horizontally, right aligned, centered, horizontal or vertical distribution, rotate, flip or cutting etc..

Quickly add and customize the page header and footer.

Automatically create network links from the document URL.

[use] patch

1, copy the patch to the installation directory, click Patch
2, you can run the Express2BusinessFix.reg crack!
If for some reason you will change the date to January 19, 2038, will become a free version!
On 2038 to Wikipedia understanding, in this case only needs to run registry
Express2BusinessFix.reg can be restored to the enterprise edition!

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