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Chinese version 5.1.1 Build 567 cracked version of professional delay photo editing rendering tool

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  • Update Date: 2018-12-18
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Chinese version 5.1.1 Build 567 cracked version of professional delay photo editing rendering tool
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Pro cracked version is a professional delay photography editing rendering tool, with HD output, simple and easy to use, seamless conversion and other characteristics, the program can cooperate with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe After Effects and other programs perfectly used to make time-lapse photography, can balance the exposure inconsistency (remove scintillation phenomenon) key frame parameters automatic transition function. It's a very powerful delayed photography tool. Pro can upgrade your film to a level. In addition, Pro is also one of the best anti flash tools for your delayed movies.

Function introduction

I still can't believe it's finished - 3 is released! It is equipped with an integrated module of video rendering, making the old Lightroom slide and video template (not working with Lightroom5) out of date. The video rendering module is much better than any plug-in with Lightroom output. It allows up to 6K resolution, MP4 or ProRes support, different aspect ratio and many cool functions, and only requires more advanced Pro licenses.
Another great function is file management. It starts with a new Import dialog box that allows you to import and initialize the sequence directly and convert them to DNG format, which reduces or even creates smaller delegates. In addition, you can now rename, move and split time sequence without needing to re preview.
The third big improvement is the new saving of your guide, "matching the total exposure" editing in Lightroom and horizontal grail sequences with clicking automatically. It will allow you to use separate color grading and other adjustments, and then use the Holy Grail to adjust the keyframes.
These changes are centered on new workflow, with a streamlined user interface that distinguishes different workflow and solutions. Five
The circular gradient Lightroom5 now supports, and I even added a more linear greadient (the total linear gradient of 3 animation).
The version known as "business" is now called Pro . I added some professional features that can be used for commercial purposes in the fact that she needs. Please check the new characteristic matrix to understand the difference between licenses.
Delayed movies are becoming more and more popular. Did the still life photographer, movie worker and multimedia artist discover this new and exciting aspect?
The movie that time passes is far more than the movie that accelerates the play - they are actually taking pictures at a certain time interval, editing and combining these exciting films to let everyone know, natural documentaries and so on.
Today, Pro is loved by many ambitioned photographers and producers, because it enables them to use all the advantages and strength of their favorite photography tools (Lightroom3/4/5 or Adobe Creative Suite) to provide those time lapse image editing tools. This allows them to handle easily with specific time lapse, such as getting rid of tedious twinkling effects, or even helping them achieve the so-called "time lapse photography of the Grail": smooth over one day and turn into night.
Pro will bring your movie to a new level. It allows you to constantly change keyframe animation, such as video processing time, to make Adobe Lightroom or Camera RAW imaging parameters. With the great advantage of your favorite video production software, the post-processing time lapse sequence gets better video quality from the pretreatment of source files (RAW, DNG or JPG).
Even if you use Pro to handle the time-lapse photographic effects in Holy Grail, you need to double-click instead of seamless transformation from day to night. You don't even need more expensive and complex devices to implement it. You just need to use for Mac to do a little bit of practice, and then you will get better and more perfect results.
Using DslrDashboard camera control, the largest mobile application cooperation, we now provide functions to control your camera, histogram analysis, or even automatically adjust settings, while changing the lighting conditions - using all the wireless and do not need to contact the camera.

Functional characteristics

- modify the white balance and all other Lightroom / ACR editing tools (such as sunset).
- "Holy Grai" is set for interval time shooting (transition from day to night) simple Peasy.
- use Lightroom / ACR to carry out all the potential of color grading.
- use click to resist flicker.
Based on RAW file, use Ken-Burns effect (translation / zoom).
- constant saturation / saturation
- animated Graduated / Radial filter...
- many other functions.

Crack method

After installing the main program, copy the .jar file to the installation directory to replace it.
The software requires your computer to be equipped with a Java environment for normal use.

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