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TeoreX PhotoScissors V5.0 Chinese Version (image segmentation tool) + Key

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-09-28
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 TeoreX PhotoScissors V5.0 Chinese Version (image segmentation tool) + Key
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When you need to quickly cut out of a person or object to paste it to another picture or photo from PhotoScissors Chinese version days remove background suppression. You don't need to perfect the image fragment of any special skills or professional software: a few mouse strokes can produce with a fine brush to further enhance the shear path accurately. PhotoScissors Chinese version provides a very simple method to cut a background image. Instead of trying to accurately enclose an area in the graphic editor or lasso cumbersome magic wand tool, you can quickly to mark off the area, you want to keep the area, and the program will not rest. Analysis of cutting edge optimization thanks, you don't have to go looking for trying to select unwanted background pixels. PhotoScissors 1.1 Chinese version to remove the background with minimal effort! Cut out from the background of the photo is a popular image editing program. In fact, there are dozens of possible applications: upload product images to eBay for photos on the job site or dating sites, with a solid color or more picturesque instead of boring background, create photo collages, jokes, modified travel photos for fun or for a better impression.

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, PhotoScissorsSetup.exe setup and Keygen.exe register

2, double-click the PhotoScissorsSetup.exe operation, according to the prompt installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard

3, run the software, as shown in figure help-Enter, click on the serial key

4, run Keygen.exe Fillmore, as shown in PhotoScissors 4 software, click generate to generate a serial number, serial number of replication

5, the serial number is copied to the software window, click OK

6, as shown in the figure, the activation is complete

7, the perfect software has been activated, hurry to enjoy it

Usage method

Use PhotoScissors to easily delete the background from the photo
Take pictures in any context

1. loading images
Draw some of the foreground and background

Draw some of the foreground and background and algorithm to handle the details.
Delete the background

3. bid farewell to the background and save


Common mistakes and remove background tips:
Don't highlight

You don't have to be careful selection, just make sure the red marker to any contact (remove) into a transparent color, and green (keep) any color you want to keep the contact mark.
Stay in line

Make sure you stay where you want the object within the shear line. If you have a green marker in the future external marking area, you can also cut part of the background. Also, not in the foreground, red marker.
Only PNG transparency

Transparent background images can be saved as a PNG file. Only the PNG file format support transparency. TeoreX PhotoScissors Chinese version
Why do you want to use PhotoScissors 1.1 Chinese version
Immediately remove complex background in the picture
Easy to separate the foreground from the background
Exchange background
Unlimited by the size of the image
Cut out the object
Create an independent and transparent background color or image
Delete the background eBay or Etsy housing
Set the background color of any transparent
Easy to get and use entry
Prepare the goods pictures, online shop
Support all popular image formats (PNG, JPG...)
No technology or design skills are required
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