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2BrightSparks SyncBackPro v8.5.97.0 Chinese registered version of | two-way backup tool

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-07
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 2BrightSparks SyncBackPro v8.5.97.0 Chinese registered version of | two-way backup tool
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The official SyncBackPro Chinese registered version is an advanced file backup and synchronization program. It can be used in hard disk, the rewritable disc (including Blu ray), cloud backup server (support Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure), U disk and flash memory cards, FTP and security FTP server, ZIP compressed files (supports Zip64 compression and 256 bit AES encryption), e-mail server and network sharing to synchronize files between folders. The program is simple to use, but for advanced users to provide a large number of configuration options, and executable scripts during synchronization. SyncBackPro is an award-winning synchronous program - enhanced version of SyncBackSE.

SyncBackSE is a simple and easy-to-use file backup, recovery and synchronization tool, can be in the local disk, network disk, FTP server, ZIP package or the use of removable storage devices. The use of this software to backup their data with one hundred thousand global users every day.
The latest version of the 6 new features!
Support Amazon S3, Google Storage and Microsoft Azure.
You can use the cloud storage service synchronization and backup your files. Amazon S3 can provide a simple Web service interface, any time from any location, as long as the network can be used to store any number of data retrieval. Google Storage is set up in the Google infrastructure on the data storage and access services. This service combines the advanced security technology Google cloud sharing function. Azure is Microsoft's cloud solutions, can provide similar Amazon function of S3.
Support the POP3/IMAP4 server to store the backup email
By two ways, users can access their e-mail. POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) for the message to your computer in the mailbox, then the user is responsible for the standard. IMAP (Interactive Mail Access Protocol) is a kind of new method. IMAP delivers the message to the server, and then by the user to connect to the server to access mail. The message is not stored in your machine. When the message is marked read-only, all changes are done on the server.
Integrated SyncBack management service
Now can use the integrated SyncBackPro management detection. SBM Console (test) using SyncBackPro and SyncBack management services. The application of interaction, synchronization backup management of the whole network.

Activation installation tutorial

1, in the download and unzip the SyncBackPro64_Setup.exe installer, and "keygen.exe" register machine

2, double-click the SyncBackPro64_Setup.exe operation, according to the prompt completion of installation

3, run the software, as shown in the figure, need to enter the serial number

4, run the installation of register file in the package, click the generate button

5, the registered machine generated sequence number is copied to the software window, click OK

6, software license activation, hurry to enjoy it

The advantage of software

The 1:SyncBackPro allows you to backup important files to help you prevent data loss. When a disaster occurs, you only need to click a button to restore.
2:SyncBackPro can help you take time to deal with the important things. Try to recover from the effects of data loss may be very costly and time consuming. SyncBackPro proven backup and synchronization solutions can be easily achieved, reliable and reasonable price.
3:SyncBackPro provides ease of use and excellent function greatly.
For most people, they retain the most important computer data backup is usually not in their minds, they usually only after the catastrophic loss of data to get the answer. We assume that our document will obediently sat there, unless we deliberately delete them. In any case, the data can always be restored or deleted, right?
The hard truth is that unless a copy will be kept in a separate location, otherwise the data will never be safe. If you accidentally delete files, overwrite files, capture destructive computer virus or disaster fault hard drive, no professional software can easily access data or expensive help.
The good news is that SyncBackPro backup becomes simple. In its simplest form, this program will enable you to be a copy of the data stored on another drive, to preserve the local or remote storage location.


SyncBackPro update log
Fixed: Unable to select multiple rows in main window and Differences window
Fixed: Argument out of range exception when DPI is over 100 percent
Fixed (SE/Pro): When set background colour of profile in main window the colour selection dialog opens with the current colour
Updated (SE/Pro): Maximum number of threads for Touch increased to 30
Updated (Pro): Backblaze B2 now uses TLS 1.1 at the minimum
Updated (Pro): Backblaze B2 was not using multi-threaded Downloads

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