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The latest version of chicken simulator

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-03-10
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The latest version of chicken simulator
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Simply speaking, the chicken can make your mobile phone simulator with all the classic game play whenever and wherever possible. Support "the king of fighters 97", "heaven and earth", "swallow the sun", "gold", fire emblem "Robot Wars", "reverse the referee", "Pokemon" GBA game

The official introduction:

The simulator is a collection of integrated various TV, handheld and arcade games in one of the free games. Contains the world famous super Marie, live football, need for speed, street fighter, final fantasy game series, has included total million classic works, each can run perfectly.


No need to install and set the simulator game download to play

The game is more convenient to download management control and control of the gospel

The game features to help you create your own game warehouse

Comment and share to your friends lost a good game

A key to download mom and Dad don't have to worry about my fingers

Support type rich console arcade console classic.

Special recommendation system finishing the game classic series of works

Full support in the English global game game player easily accessible

Go to the forum to understand the chicken friends whenever and wherever possible dynamic irrigation

Fast search makes you find love game in the shortest time

The use of examples:

Provide a large number of game download software like this chick simulator game downloads, estimation of control and collection will lose self-control. But when downloading the game too much time to do? Never mind, the same as you consider this. In the middle of my touch below [game] to enter the existing game management interface, here, touch the name of the game can pop up the window, here can choose to view the details of the games, sent to the desktop and delete the game. Direct touch on the right side of the name [start] icon into the game.

The game management interface to classify models, what game corresponds to what kind, at a glance, as shown in fig.:

In the chick simulator game list, you can touch the name of the game, and then click open page below the "download" button to download. But for the more convenient game player still in the game, the chicken simulator name after install fast download button, find the game press can download, very convenient, as shown in fig.:

The simulator supports rich models, in the main interface, click on the bottom of the [] button to open the classification, category selection screen. Here is according to the classification and classification models according to the game in two ways.
Choose any one, can be seen inside the breakdown of the "recommended" and "new", "hot" in three categories, it is very informative.

Official homepage


The simulator update log
1.FC simulator add support for disk player games
2.Game Details add user add Game tag function
3.Fixed existed bugs & others
Download address
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