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Hearthstone legend v3.0.1.41119 official version of the green box

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-14
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Hearthstone legend v3.0.1.41119 official version of the green box
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This box is hearthstone NetEase officially released a hearthstone game assistant tools, with the remaining cards automatically prompts the arena card selection recommendation function in real time. Hearthstone legend (box furnace Shihezi) is a NetEase CC produced game tools. It provides a variety of powerful auxiliary game hearthstone game player, make your game more handy, and completely free to use. Features include the remaining card note card, card selection and its competitive recommendation, more ready to go, please look. Help you to climb the legend, master arena is no longer a dream!

Functional characteristics

Fast, professional, convenient and safe
Hearthstone legend box full range multifunctional auxiliary hearthstone game player!
The remaining cards, card selection, recommended that the arena game player winrate statistics
The recommended card group and key import, card collection, graphic battle playback
Help you to climb the legend, master arena is no longer a dream


The remaining card reminder

The battle of automatic real-time display the remaining card game player, help you make a decision to play ideas. We can succeed.

The arena card selection recommender

Carefully organize the card at home and abroad master top ranking and recommendation information, recommend the best candidate card in real time. No longer have to go to the forum to help buddy!

Game player statistics (look).

Automatic collect your record, real-time feedback occupation, you selected the winning against the occupation. The outcome of screening, occupation with destiny.

Usage method:

The remaining card prompting device use method:

1. to run the game window mode

The 2. arena mode can be used directly

3. battle mode required by the software first record card group need to use: click on my collection - "edit the corresponding card group --" save.

Use this card group to start the fight!

Choose to use the recommended card arena:

1. is required to run the game window mode

2. directly into the arena cards can be selected

3. 3 candidate card in the highest score by the red label (10 highest, highest T1)

Update log:

PC version of the update log
2018.12.13 ( version officially released)
Note card adapter card part of the new version
Hearthstone legend box v3.0.1.13276 update log
Adaptation version of the game
The New Winter Veil skin

A new packet recording and sharing function
, hearthstone legend box v3.0.0.55126 update log (2017-07-07)
Repair service support
According to Statistics New Express card Dan group information card
The rapid introduction of new support card group scuffle mode

Common problem:

Q: use the safety box?
A: NetEase official produced, will not modify game data, do not report drug, absolute security!

Q: is it necessary to use the box to start the game?
A: No, as long as the guarantee to enter the battle arena mode or before the window opened the box, and use the model!
Q: when winrate statistics and analysis function can be used?
A:Coming soon, very soon.
Q: how can the remaining cards that display.
A: when you start the game before the first click on my collection, only need to edit the corresponding card group, and then click save. This reminder on the success of this set of record card!
Q: do I need to save every time before you in a fight?
A: No, the box is cache function, edited card is automatically saved in the local group. But there is a need to pay attention, ensure the tools in the open state editing card group, or card group editor in the computer don't also need to be loaded, otherwise, the remaining cards that may not be displayed correctly!

Q: why furnace Shihezi window I was gone?
A: you must be close, minimize, or blocked by the other window, please look at the taskbar, Shihezi furnace is still not in yo!
Q: why is your card simulator and card database slag to the explosion?
A: uh...... both function which one has, but our core functionality but only this one! We look at promotion of salient features of the home page, I believe you will not be disappointed! Of course, we will as soon as possible to the simulator and the database optimization, please give us a little time.
Q: Hey, I can't stand you pick a card inside the recommended fishing king to so low in the arena!!!
A: Yes! Hearthstone legend version of the update cycle, score and description to update quickly, please tell us, if adopted, will have a mysterious gift oh!
Q: after completing the path and game landers open, start the game completely no response, cheating!
A: the start of the game is to start the desktop, start specific hearthstone, or must start on desktop... The blizzard have been restricted, not in the desktop which is unable to start the hearthstone. So please watch the buddies...

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