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Password Safe 3.46 password security software

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-09-29
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Password Safe 3.46 password security software
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Password Safe password security software small is also used a lot of password management software, the functional requirements are also getting higher and higher, this kind of password management software function is similar, as for all kinds of encryption algorithm more than my rookie can understand that, as long as it is not inferior to using clear text, I think the average person is enough the. So the additional function a selection of highlights. Today to introduce the password management rookie password safe, is based on its unique features that I once owned, do nothing, I believe that after my introduction, you will love it.

Function introduction

For relative to other similar tools I will rise above the common herd advantage, combined with other password tool used to introduce, this is the two supporting today: KeyPass and Password Agent, who is a veteran of the password box, the former is the unique automatic login function has also let me admire, but later found KeyPass a fatal local security risks, I have been looking for it for alternatives, until the emergence of , I found the automatic login KeyPass is really not so easy.
Password Safe is dedicated to solve the human remember many passwords produced, it contains a strong password generation engine and encryption storage function, can provide a secure password storage space. When you start using Password Safe, to determine a start codon. This code is used to identify you, decide whether you can use the Password Safe software, so don't forget. Start after you can start to store the password in the Password Safe software, there have been some default passwords, you can according to their need to establish their own love password storage classification. Office computer, notebook password password, home computer password, online account password, mobile phone service password, email password, QQ password, bank card, bank card password query transaction password, bank card online payment password...... Now we need to remember too many passwords. Even if we can make some of the passwords are the same, but can not let all the passwords are the same, in the end, we still have to remember many passwords, especially to grasp the information system of the people, the more the password.
In fact, write down the password, is not completely safe, in the brain, but easy to forget. So with the .
( Password Safe) password management system is a lightweight, open source code management system is powerful and easy to use, the use of the system, you can facilitate the encryption of documents in the database, your password or key file.


1, random password generation is not easy to crack. It comes with a password generator, can according to the specified character class (small letters, numbers and special symbols) generate digit password specified.
2, classification management password: use a KDB extension of the file as a database, encryption algorithm and encryption number you can specify the database password; you can classified management, and can be automatically opened when you double-click the URL field URL automatically copy the username and password data fields; the timing data can be copied to the clipboard remove or allow only a paste. Safety risk: as of this time there should be no leakage, even if the database did not lose access to the password problem is not serious (it can also be used as a file encryption password, so I did not try BT);
Convenient: create a new entry registration site first, randomly generated password and then fill in the registration website, convenient and password changing. Login each website, click to copy the field, go landing box paste;
Simple: no most complicated password management software, skilled use will be very comfortable, the database has only a KDB file, compressed encrypted into the mailbox backup is complete;
Diversity: software is open source, in addition to the database can be used in Windows, can be used in Linux, MacOS X, PocketPC, Symbian, BlackBerry, PalmOS etc..


Password Safe 3.46 update log
[1458] Fixed compatability issue between Unix and Windows versions
When master password had non-ASCII characters.
[1457] Protect Entry Group now works when language / isn t English.
[1456] Shortcut entries no longer use default username if base entry s "
Username is empty.

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