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Right Click Enhancer Pro 4.5.5+ key Chinese version of right click menu add tools

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2018-11-06
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Right Click Enhancer Pro 4.5.5+ key Chinese version of right click menu add tools
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The Chinese version of Right Click Enhancer Pro is released by big eyes. Right Click Enhancer Pro 4.2 Sinicization is a very good right click menu editing tool. Its main function is to edit our right mouse button menu, so that our right menu can be more abundant: fast access to commonly used URLs, quick opening of common programs, customizing the "send to" function of right-click menus, fast copying or moving files to specified directories, and so on. The function is very practical.

Installation tutorial

1, download and decompress at this station, double click Right-Click-Enhancer-Professional-Setup.exe to run.
Follow the prompt installation and click the finish button.

2, run the software, as shown, click the registration button.

3. Input Name: BsB

4. Registration completed
The compressed package contains several useful small programs related to the right-click menu: My Computer Manager.exe, New Menu Editor.exe, Right Click Cascading Menu Shortcuts Shortcuts, and the other parts of the system.
Right Click Enhancer Professional 4.2 + key Sinicization Edition
Main functions:
Right Click Enhancer is a fairly professional right mouse function setting tool. It provides right click editing, function enhancement, "send to" menu settings, "add" menu settings, IE right click menu settings. And it can also add files or folder icon in the windows of my computer, so that we can quickly open files or edit files.
File Types Editor
File Types Editor allows you to relate to application extensions. It also allows you to manage contextual menus associated with extensions.
New Menu Editor
Add new file types to the new menu by right clicking. Create new files using the contents of the new menu template file.
Right Click Editor
Delete or disable unnecessary right-click menu items and other applications to add shell extensions.
Right Click Editor IE
Delete or disable the existing right-click menu items in the right-click menu of Internet Explorer. Add a new right-click menu item in Internet Explorer.
Right Click Shortcuts Creator
Add new folders, files and application shortcuts to right-click menus to quickly access frequently used applications and folders.
Right Click Tweaker
Add utility functions to your right-click menu. These options alleviate simple operations like copying, pasting, renaming, and so on.
Send To Manager
Add new folder shortcuts to the menu to copy fast files and folders to other locations.
Right Click Tweaker Chinese version
Right Click Tweaker function
Add options to calculate the SHA1, MD5 and CRC32 hash functions to verify the integrity of the file.
DP Hash
Add options, the selected files are compared with SHA-1, MD5 and CRC32 hash functions.
Compare file hash value
Add option to open the control panel directly from the right mouse button.
Control panel
Add options to the contents of the text file to copy to the clipboard directly.
Copy content
Add option to select the location to use the dialog box to copy files.
Copy to
Add options, right click the folder to create a list of files.
Create file list
Add options, use the right mouse button to open any files in Notepad.
Using Notepad editor
Add options to encrypt computer files or folders so that other users can not access files.
Displays all configuration options in Windows in one place.
God Mode
Add options to select locations to use dialog boxes to move files.
Move to
Add options, right click to open the system configuration utility.
System configuration utility
Add option to open the command to have administrator privileges in the selected folder prompt.
Open Command Prompt
Open file location
Add print file options directly by right clicking the folder list.
Print file list
Click on the right mouse button to open the question step application added to the new Windows version.
Problem step recorder
Run the Winrar software add option as an administrator.
Run as Administrator
It is easy to use renaming functions, such as searching multiple files and substitutions, MP3 IDv3 tags, JPEG EXIF tags and file attribute data.
Intelligent renaming
A file / directory ownership gives you direct read / write access to the file (instead of UAC), forcing other users to access such access through UAC.
Acquire ownership
Add options to verify the integrity of the files using the SFV file.
Validation file
This tool allows us to put the commonly used files and folders into the right-click menu, or add the function of copying or moving files in the right-click menu, open the file with Notepad Notepad, quickly open the DOS window, create a list of files for the contents of the folder, open files quickly without opening files, God mode, quickly open the console, quickly open the system settings tool, and so on, which are quite practical and good things.
With the tool of Right Click Enhancer, the adjustment and setting of right click menu can be done easily.
The software needs.NET Framework 4 and above to run. Click download. .NET Framework 4


Right Click Enhancer Pro 4.5.5 update log
Now SmartSFV will try to determine file encoding to use if if to "
Fixed an issue where File Types Editor crashes when the user tries
Fixed an issue where SmartSFV crashes when the user tries to tries
Fixed an issue where Send To Manager crashes when SendTo folder folder '
Fixed an issue where installer doesn 't create start menu shortcuts menu
Fixed an issue where Right Click Editor crashes if the user the

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