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Antivirus/ESET Internet Security v12.1.31.0 Chinese Special Edition

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  • Update: 2019-03-08
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Antivirus/ESET Internet Security v12.1.31.0 Chinese Special Edition
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authoritative anti-virus software known as "light, fast and hard,", it has a very high evaluation score, less memory resources, remove the virus speed effects are satisfactory. In does not affect the work and entertainment at the same time, efficient protection from viruses and spyware computer. The world's only 26 times through the VB100% test antivirus software, according to the high top products!
ESET close protection, to keep you safe access to the Internet world! antivirus software version 11 usher slightly updated, with the latest version of v11.0.159.5, the installation package for multi language version, including simplified Chinese. Join the UEFI Bootkits 11 version of the main protective layer, you can scan the UEFI firmware support equipment, to experience the new features of version control may wish to download, share the following valid license key activation code
2018.10.24 update
Antivirus/ESET Internet Security v12.0.27.0 the latest version, and bring a new activation license file
The new changes
Repair: network camera protection Windows 10 RS4 was not detected in the network camera
Repair: anti-theft protection in the attempt to disable when collapse
Repair: Wi-Fi is connected to a public access point problem
Repair: the debugger cannot work normally
2018-03-19 ESET Internet Security / Anti virus 11.1 Final
The new version 11.1.4 is available via uPCU updates, regular release hasn t happened yet. "
ESET has changed (as you ve noticed persian-boy "how we are releasing Home) products updates/upgrades.
I created a Knowledgebase article to help explain the new release strategy:
For uPCU releases, see description here
Full changelog will be available with Full version release.
Activation method
NOD32 v11/10/9 activation code pay license
ESET Internet Security: CNDU-W337-WAFE-EUU9-F55M 2019-03-13 license expiry date
Antivirus genuine license expiration date: CNDU-W33E-59SK-K2BF-9JST 2019-10-14
CNDU-W33D-JECX-XMS9-ACH7 expires in October 2019
CNDU-W33F-ARX5-58W3-ARGE expires in 2020 01 months
VC25-ANBH-2S9T-ARMK-JJEF September 2018 is valid
CNA2-2BU2-2UNE-72WC-ACTJ July 2019 is valid
CNA2-2BTF-XDCV-RVVD-7H53 January 2019 is valid
CNA2-2BT5-BHKP-H489-EJRM is valid in January 2019 25
CNA2-2BTF-XTPN-FEPH-PS9B is valid in January 2019 25
CNDU-W33R-EXFP-PVNU-AA3K period to 2021 years 5 months 21
RUAW-W336-KAHV-VJEM-8DUD period to 2028 years 2 months 22
NOD32 license key activation code update address (COM)
(there are converted, can be activated for the paid version, such as failure to suggest their use of ID conversion)
The 9 edition of the official changed the activation mechanism, is no longer a username and password, to convert to the license
If you have available a username and password, which can be converted to online license activation key.
NOD32 username and password conversion license key website
classical edition
v10.1.235.1 official version of the official simplified Chinese + License Activation Key
v4.2.76.1 BE Business Edition Special Edition / v5.0.2242.2 Enterprise Edition Special Edition
ESET VC52 UPID NOD32 automatic acquisition tool for ID username, v8.0 version of the following
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