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The mind map XMind Chinese version of XMind Pro 8 v3.7.8 Chinese version + serial number

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-07-24
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The mind map XMind Chinese version of XMind Pro 8 v3.7.8 Chinese version + serial number
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XMIND is a global leader in the " visual thinking " tool for enterprises to create a new visual office platform, help users to quickly capture creativity and inspiration. Through an intuitive and friendly graphical interface, idea, strategy and business information into a blueprint for action, to enhance the efficiency of enterprise office.

Function introduction

Flexible visual information platform XMIND: bring visual information expression is simple and flexible, the key business information will be more direct, in the enterprise internal flow more smoothly. To quickly create a graphical theme document, add branch topic and other related tasks, planning and information mapping different ideas directly related by a simple operation, adding number and color to highlight important information in order to achieve the purpose of using a dividing line, similar ideas into groups, icons and images to facilitate their browsing and others the map, hierarchy and relationship between different spatial visual information interpretation of key points, more easy to understand and express.
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Xmind8 is a free version, Plus version and Pro version version, free version no serial number can be used, but compared with the more advanced version of Plus, PDF/Word/PPT/Excel/SVG/OpenOffice and Creative Toolbox document format function module missing. Compared with the Pro version, there is a lack of brainstorming mode, demo mode, Gantt chart, Business Toolbox and Microsoft Project format and other functions. This is brought about by the Xmind 8 Pro version However, if you do not need these advanced features, can also use a small additional free version, all green version, corresponding to the Windows/Mac/Linux system, can be installed without the use of.

The new features introduced:

Update: XMind 8 appearance with an updated look and feel, editor of the times, just click the rapid opening and closing and switching views can be, this option can improve the work efficiency, greatly enhance your mind map experience.

XMind cloud XMind cloud can be automatically synchronized across the Mac/ personal computer files, it is fast, safe, easy to use, you can view and edit online mind map.

The slide presentation function based on the slide presentation function based on a slide presentation function based on the new, creating, presenting and sharing become hitherto unknown easy, mind map and presentation now harmoniously integrated into a software, traffic patterns are still available.

Brainstorming: with XMind, you can easily and quickly start personal brainstorming, Idea Factory (Creative factory) further more quickly to record and collect inspiration, the timer can let you control the brainstorming session time, you can also switch between day mode and night mode.

Gantt chart: in XMind, can be directly in the Gantt chart view to add, modify and display task information, including the start / end date, trustee, priority, scheduling, and task dependency milepost.

The use of Office/PDF: preparing for meetings or reports, want to capture inspiration, the inspiration of these organizations in a structured way? Now, with XMind, all just a few easy clicks can be realized, then quickly will work to promote the export to Office/PDF, meeting / report.

Other improvements:

1. high resolution display support.
2. import and export to OPML, Lighten file.
3. introduction of Novamind map.
4. explorer.
5. improved XMind cloud.
6. support manual layout.
7. added support in the brainstorming mode in group opinion.
8. support the redesign of the file encryption and password
9. new Notes audio interface.
10. optimize the export function and add the recent list.
11. "from the IconFinder into the image" interactive optimization.
12. restructuring context menu.
13. preferences interface optimization.
14. "number" usability enhancements.
15. keyboard shortcuts in the demo mode optimization exercises.
16. enhanced template management UI
17. many other small improvements.
Graphic tutorial: Http://


Changes of XMind 8 (v3.8.0)
1. Fixed an issue that the layout of information card may be abnormal.
2. Fixed an issue that Share to Biggerplate feature not working properly.
3. Fixed an issue that abnormal problems may occur when editing in Brainstorming mode.
4. Fixed an issue where the color picker may not be usable when using multiple screens.
5. Fixed an issue that error messages were displayed when launching on the new Ubuntu.
6. Fixed an issue that error messages were displayed when using Overview under certain circumstances.
7. Other interface improvements and minor bug-fixes.
Decompression password: sd173

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