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v6.4.0 Build crack version 295 (32 /64)

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  • Update: 2018-11-07
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  v6.4.0 Build crack version 295 (32 /64)
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crack version 6 is a compact and powerful, clean up the garbage system tools. We have this experience: when you use your Windows for a long time, accumulated a lot of garbage will be your computer, make your system become very slow. These include unnecessary garbage files, shortcuts broken, redundant copies of the document, the system registry's death, record information. It is these junk files seriously affects the performance of the system. But if you go to the manual changes, not only is very complicated, but once the error may crash, difficult to repair. Now there is , these things can easily fix. In addition, also includes a real find duplicate files, shortcuts to repair or remove damaged and completely uninstall the software options. Other features include secure file deletion, disk space, Empty Folder Finder.

Functional characteristics

- the most advanced registry cleaning procedures, to clean up the Windows registry.
Use Disk Cleanup to remove the disk in the garbage, temporary and obsolete documents.
- clean up the browser and the application history, cache, temporary files, cookie etc..
Startup manager control application to start automatically using the Windows service.
- to repair the damage to the start menu and desktop shortcut.
Delete duplicate files - true.
- the right to uninstall the application.
- both experts and common mode.
User friendly, stable and safe.
- more utilities......
- optimization, acceleration and cleaning system.
- prevent application crash.
- faster loading window.
- smooth running applications.
- protect your privacy and security.
Re - disk space.
- prevent spyware, adware, Trojan Troy.
- repair some application error.
- no need to spend too much time, ultra fast completion.
- better understand your computer.
- like new maintenance of your system.
Run faster than other people of the same level much faster, very safe
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