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The latest activation key: suitable for Windows and Office activated 140 MAK key (2015.4.16)

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  • Update: 2015-04-16
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 The latest activation key: suitable for Windows and Office activated 140 MAK key (2015.4.16)
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MAK key is Microsoft's volume activation key for the corresponding VL version of Windows or Office, MAK key with the number of activation can activate the corresponding network version, the number of "0" key can be activated by call, the key will not be blocked after use. The key to activate the number of how to detect the station over a variety of tools: 1, VAMT 3.1 2, The Ultimate PID Checker 3, PIDKey . These three tools have advantages and disadvantages, the article introduces the specific reference.

According to the previous rule: every Thursday afternoon about 18:00, "Resurrection" (the MAK key will restore some degree of activation). This law is summed up according to the long time experience, but not necessarily so, occasionally, on Saturday there will be the resurrection of the MAK key. Usually the key "Resurrection", some popular key (Win 8.1, Office 2013) the number of activation will soon return to 0, so you need to seize the time.

Today is the sixth Thursday of 2015, the 5 Thursday before Microsoft "for" restore the MAK key activation times, today is still the case? This paper provides the key, delete the blocked part of the last key, has added a number of medals, just 136 medals.


VAMT 3.1 (download and installation):



If the MAK key number of activation of 0, still can be activated by the Microsoft customer service phone:


Please note that the backup after activation of the activation information to reinstall again after activation (disconnection), reference method:

Windows 8.1 permanent activation after the backup "activation" and "recovery activation" concise tutorial

Office 2013 "permanent activation information" backup and restore and concise guide to successful recovery and precautions

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