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Pulse computer version v4.18.76 latest edition

  • Software size: 2.37 MB
  • Update Date: 2018-02-12
  • Official website: Download lightning.
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Pulse computer version v4.18.76 latest edition
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The pulse computer version is known as the "working edition" WeChat! Before the founder of the pulse, it was revealed that the pulse computer version will be launched on the end of October. Mobile terminals are more in line with the trend of mobile Internet, but the PC terminal is also very much in line with the needs of people working in the workplace. Most of their work is concentrated in front of computers, and they tend to precipitate more valuable things, while mobile terminals are too fragmented. Another starting point is based on the needs of HR, and when communicating with people in the pulse, it is obvious that the experience of PC is much better than that of mobile terminals.

The extension to the PC end is the presentation of different functions in different product forms. Insiders believe that although the pulse and WeChat are not a product of a magnitude, but in the vertical field of workplace social interaction, PC version will be a useful attempt.

Version introduction

There are two versions of the pulse based on the PC side, one that is similar to the WeChat webpage version.


The other is PC version similar to QQ. The products of these two versions do not completely copy the product function of the mobile terminal. The web version emphasizes real name dynamics and anonymous gossip, while the PC version focuses more on instant messaging.

major function

Including real name feed flow, anonymous gossip, instant messaging, talent recruitment and so on.

Pulse computer version registration method

Some small partners have no pulse accounts before and can be registered through the following way.


1, open WeChat scan the following two-dimensional code.

2. Register accounts on mobile phones.

3. Open the pulse computer version on the computer.



This update:

Update log
1. article details page optimization, now has a better reading experience.
2. the audio course can now be cached, and listen willfully whenever and wherever possible.
3. replaced the new anonymous head, emmm... Better now!
4., the open screen page has been optimized, and now it has a better display effect.
5. optimize the boot page, and now it is smoother.
6. repaired some bug and had a better experience.

Recent updates:
1. industry direction optimization
2., the impact of reward on the line, the completion of the task will be influential.
3. other known bug repair
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