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Master Lu computer version official version / pure version of PC

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-17
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Master Lu computer version official version / pure version of PC
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Master Lu has a professional and easy to use hardware detection, not only super accurate, but also provide Chinese vendor information to you, let your computer configuration at a glance, to deceive the profiteers. Suitable for all kinds of brand desktop, notebook computer, DIY computer, the key components of real-time monitoring, computer hardware information, effectively prevent hardware failure, let your computer from trouble.

Update log: update (date: 2018-09-19)
1. optimization uninstall page user feedback, collect suggestions
2. repair memory release time is not automatically start the game with hidden problems
The 3. part of the scene to solve, Master Lu process not normal exit problem update (date: 2018-09-07)
1, update the hardware library, temperature identification optimization part of the motherboard
2, the new mini news report function, optimize the user experience
3, fix some other problems, enhance stability
Update (date: 2018-08-03)
1, update the hardware library, new Pro4, P8H77-V recognition of AB350M LE
Read error 2, to repair the hard disk temperature, enhance readability
3, fix some other problems, improve the stability of update (date: 2018-06-01)
1, update the hardware information database, update the PCI information
2, the new brand of memory (OC three, SIS) recognition update (date: 2018-05-25)
1, update the PCI information, the new brand of memory (Ming Si) recognition
2, improve the hardware information, enhance the readability
3, easy to cause the program to crash or other error problem, improve the stability
V5.15.17.1070 update (date: 2018-05-11)
1, the new brand of memory (grand potential, science and technology, core technology, Lang Treviso, seven rainbow, Rui Shi recognition billion)
2, modified by a flash release "depth cleanup, cleanup abnormal problem
3, to amend part of case "taskbar ruler will be prompted to add the problem repeatedly update (date: 2018-03-23)
1, the new recognition of memory manufacturer three, as overclocking wins, Kim grams
2, the new SkyLake chipset SPD information read
3, the optimization of temperature on board 880GMH/USB3., B350M GAMING, PRO P8H61 etc. update (date: 2018-02-08)
1, CPU integrated graphics run strategy adjustment
2, the number of Ryzen 1300X core recognition adjustment
Identification of 3, update USB camera update (date: 2018-01-12)
1, the correction showing the core temperature of Ryzen 1700x and 1800x
2, the new visenta (micro gentry) brand recognition memory
3, repair part of the computer can not get to eat chicken certification problems
4, bug to solve the problem of some other functions may exist update (date: 2017-12-29)
1, performance evaluation of certified on-line computer can "eat chicken" check to know
2, the new recognition of NCT6796D sensor
3, the new brand recognition and detection of memory memory storage / number RECADATA "
Get the wrong number of effective temperature, temperature correction of 4 panel problem
5, adjust the memory size display format

This version features:

Go to the self checking software, and remove redundant files
To drive the built-in software 360
From the upper right corner after logo opened the official website of behavior
Go to the bottom of the advertising text links
To set the home page protection options
Go to the upper right corner of the forum and feedback button
To check for updates and the official website of the button options
Go to the top of the interface optimization, clean drive management and mobile phone run button
Go to the right function Daquan wireless sharing, mobile phone recycling, computer maintenance and new machine recommended button
I go to the hardware detection page maintenance card and micro-blog share button
To test the page micro-blog share button
Go to the temperature test page micro-blog share button
To experience a list of installed necessary options
To experience the clean list optimization options
To experience a list of hard disk problems, crisis data security options
To experience the list of computer hardware is facing high temperature threat, easy to damage the options
Set the default does not open hardware protection and other needs of their own, open
The ComputerZ_CN.exe sent to the desktop. Renamed Master Lu can be changed.

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