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A hundred words cut the computer version of the latest version of v9.9.99

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-10-12
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 A hundred words cut the computer version of the latest version of v9.9.99
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A hundred words cut the computer version for countless English lovers and students provides a learning platform to improve English level posture, teach you how to learn English by pure wild foreigner, the word! A hundred words cut for each word carefully selected pictures, with a cut English native speakers foreigner human writing, reading the sentence, let the word back pain, let you back is no longer lonely word. The connotation of the mainstream exam IELTS, TOEFL, PubMed, GRE, level 46, four specially designed eight GMAT 3 version of the new vocabulary, more 2000+ pictographic words and 10000+ root comprehensive analysis (increasing), enrich your stockpile, let your combat power surge, once cut off scores and English for many years!


- hundred words cut cost flow? Offline?
You heroes, a hundred words cut inside the bag of words available for download, is to save flow, download only a very small flow (100 words to hundreds of KB) network in order to review the mechanism of synchronization and connect to the server and web pages, and can be self walking and listening to the offline
- hundred words cut fees?
You can see the hundred words cut is free, but also does not have any built-in charging items. If the heroes have to see where provide a hundred words cut with the charge, please in Sina micro-blog @ 100 words cut report. First thanked the heroes.
How do the use of problems?

Heroes encounter any problems and suggestions can be used in Sina micro-blog @ 100 words cut

Small series of experience:

A hundred words cut will first read. And the image gives different let you choose the meaning of words, this benefit is to exercise your English thinking ability, when the thought of seeing bath is beauty a bath this pictures rather than "bath" two words.

Each page in the upper right corner there is a cut button, if you are familiar with a word, click on the cut, a hundred words cut will not display the words again.

When the number of words daily after learning, can also carry out self-test.

Of course English learning methods all must persevere, if you decide to use a hundred words cut so must every day to access it, or you'll never finish the study plan.

Hundred words cut computer version need to install the Android simulator, and then in the simulator can be a hundred words cut version of the computer!

Specific methods are as follows:

1. we must first download a hundred words cut the computer version of the APK file, the West here.

2. use Android BlueStacks or other Android simulator simulator installation hundred words cut computer version of the file

Install the game -- the best right click to open the way of BlueStacks Apk Handler, if you double-click the APK installation package, there may be some mobile phone assistant to the associated hijacking, caused by not properly installed.

Right click to open the way to BlueStacks Apk Handler


Enter the game -- after APK is installed, open the Android simulator BlueStacks, my application will be able to see a hundred words cut the computer version of the game you can click the icon to enter the game.

It is easy to achieve a hundred words cut computer version, with the Android simulator, you can play all the Android games on the computer.

Method, right click on the APK file, select open in Android simulator.


" Don't lose to the wind! Don't lose to rain! Don't lose to suddenly appear not love! Bob knelt on the keyboard up restore your heart:

The 1. heroes claimed that at the beginning of the word back in case Chinese choice questions! Emmmmm if you do not open in the sidebar, then after the update will not meet again;
The 2. heroes that does not meet love pictures in WeChat poster always open! Emmmmm we add a hidden menu, you click "Cancel" to try to hum;

If you want to help a keyboard program ape, you can choose 1, "feedback" in the software, 2 in micro-blog private letter @ hundred words cut
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