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Brush brush line V1.9.3 Build 19302 latest edition

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2019-01-16
  • Official website: Download lightning.
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Brush brush line V1.9.3 Build 19302 latest edition
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Line brush treasure is a Android Mobile Smart line brush tool. If your phone fails to use properly due to the failure of the brush, line brush treasure is your best choice, it can help you brush the phone back to the Android native system, and let your cell phone come back to life. All the ROM packages are based on manufacturer's original package. They are specially designed for official three ROM, third generation security and stability ROM, super streamlined ROM three versions, support tens of thousands of Android phones, provide simple, reliable, safe and efficient brush experience for the majority of mobile phone users, and provide the cleanest and clean official ROM.

Functional features:

1) the mobile phone official adopts the only way of upgrading, which is more stable, more thorough and safer than the card brush.
2) mobile phones can also be brushed without ROOT.
3) line brush does not need to consider the factors such as cell phone memory capacity, cell phone power and so on.
4) do not need to enter the brush mode manually. Intelligent ROM brush machine can brush machine without professional knowledge.
5) the most important point: the line brush is the essential medicine for saving bricks.

How to save bricks?

1. installation line brushing treasure client

2. enter a key save brick page.
After the installation of the line brushing treasure client is completed, enter the front page of the client, click the one button to save the brick button.

3. download and upload ROM packages
After entering a key rescue brick, upload the ROM package of the matching model, which can be downloaded from the ROM Center online.

4. start saving bricks
After the ROM package is uploaded, click on a key to save bricks. If the model can enter the brush automatically, it will automatically brush the machine without any operation.
If the model needs to enter the brush mode manually, you need to manually enter the brush mode and start the brush.

5. save bricks and share friends.
Simple one button operation, you can turn bricks into mobile phones, still hesitating what to do, hurry up!


1. When adding the official original brush bag format, USB debug mode automatically enters the brush mode.

2, repair the known BUG2, adjust the one button brush and smart line brush menu.

3. Add in the brush machine.

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