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Kingsoft 2016 Professional Edition v10.8.2.6949 Chinese cool version

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  • Update: 2018-11-27
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Kingsoft  2016 Professional Edition crack version v10.8.2.6949 Chinese cool version
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2016 Professional Edition free for individual users, can achieve a variety of functions of office software most commonly used text, spreadsheet and presentation etc.. has a low memory footprint, fast running speed, small volume, powerful plug-in platform support and other advantages. supports desktop and mobile office, including WPS text, WPS table, WPS demonstration modules, corresponding to Word, MS MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, using XML data exchange technology, barrier free compatible doc.xls.ppt file format. It is only the size of MS 1/12, it continues to be optimized at the same time, the volume remains less than similar software, a few minutes to download and install, start faster. WPS fully respect the choice and preferences of the user, provide a variety of interface, the user can switch between the interface barrier and classic interface, familiar interface, familiar with the operating habits, users no longer need to learn, let the old users to retain long-term accumulated habits and cognition, and to minimize the cost of learning to adapt and accept the new interface and experience. 2013 built a new online library "Gallery", a collection of thousands of boutique office material, WPS helps you become office expert.
Kingsoft free update office expert 2016 professional edition is now available to V , 2016 Pro, clear software interface, rich document effects, high-quality template library and essays, etc. These are for you to create a more brilliant document.
New features
1, the new Win8 flat design style
The WPS 2013 product interface and logo using Win8 flat design style is the most popular, while the more than 1000 function icons were redrawn, making the overall design style to match.
2, four kinds of skin Xpress
WPS 2013 for the user to prepare four sets of skin interface, the user can according to their own preferences for skin products. WPS prepared 2 2013 style for the love of early adopters of the skin, are elegant and fresh blue black. At the same time using the old version for the custom user for 2012 style and classic style of the skin.
3, a more reasonable function layout
The new version of the WPS taking into account the current computer screen by more and more wide, especially in the design of interface compression commonly used tools panel height, giving more room to users. At the same time make full use of the horizontal space, the wide screen to better use.
4, the fragmentation of the Office
With the development of mobile Internet, office platform increasingly diverse, distributed data fragmentation in the office computer, mobile phone, tablet and other multi platform equipment. "Light work" as a new component is added to the WPS, the fragmented office integration brings great convenience, users can use the light office platform office material unified management and call work and improve the efficiency of file management.
5, strong coordination circle
Light office can file circle through collaboration, users can build their own circle according to the work of the project, the project team members to pull into the circle in the circle can document discussion, revision history, in the circle and the circle members call @ to send instant messages to remind, so you can easily solve the problem of QQ, email, discussion not easy to disperse, unity and group communication finishing, can create the project archive file here, convenient on view.
6, the distinguished exclusive membership privileges
Light office support users to log in via QQ, micro-blog, fast disk, WPS passes the account in WPS 2013 light office will enable members of the mechanism, members can enjoy the super circle, awarding points, customized services such as more members of the exclusive privileges.
To realize the new Internet 7, multi platform positioning
The Internet development strategy of multi platform synchronization WPS is the 2013 most important market positioning, the release of WPS 2013 for the first time the platform version update, at the same time, in WPS 2013 enabled the underlying native new cross platform V9 engine, the new engine can be realized in Linux, iOS, Mac, code reuse and other multi platform. Let each platform sync.
This version of the professional version, no ads. In the first trial mode to install, and then use the WPS_2013_Patch.exe crack can be used permanently.
The new changes:
2018-05-05 Pro 2016 (
The list of features
Table WPS
Set the page settings in monochrome printing
The new CSV format open file dialog box commonly used file list
The PivotTable field of more than 32500, drag the row and column area, support pop-up message
Reset notation, support reset attribute is "size and location are fixed"
Support DialogSheet to run macros in the choice of object mode
Support API:ActiveChart.ChartTitle.Characters.Font font attribute set
Range.Invoke, Next attribute support calls to functions.
Optimize the classification label display chart
Through the optimization of chart fast option adjusted data entrance label, label position display
Optimize the PivotTable field values of non numeric types, drawing data perspective
Optimization of the XML file to read the label with quotation marks
Display object size and position optimization of reading the file
Copy the range optimization efficiency is cross referenced BOOK formula
Optimization with BOOK formula and cross the file path is longer, save the file
Copy and paste Book and IO cross efficiency optimization of the conditional formatting
In the optimization of regional style settings of the frame sequence
Optimization of the text box editor when the cursor position display
Optimization of Freeze Panes, edit merge cells when the cursor display
The optimization object is set, light transparency, drawing print and output PDF
Optimize the import text dialog box preview display data
Optimized with wildcards, screen display
WPS text
Set the cell to support text properties, as well as OOXML and read and write binary
Support custom shortcuts
Optimization of cell spacing for the negative effect of table layout
With optimized replication endorsement of the content, just paste the text, not the content posted comments
Optimization of the mail merge, update the domain behavior
Optimization of API:Selection.InsertBreak, the Table Range expansion strategy
Optimization of the two development, open the OOXML file by Storage WPS
Optimization of pure WPS environment, compatible with Outlook
Optimization of WPS embedded in the other window, the relevant state after the operation of Commandbar interface window
The text box of the custom shape optimization OOXML disk write effect
Form drag effect after optimization
Optimization of custom numbers RTF disk reading effect
The optimal height of 0 rows around the object layout
The optimization insert a cross reference, reference content
Optimize the picture of the XML disk reading effect
Optimization of binary automatic numbering and object reading effect
Optimization of OLE RTF object to read the disk effect
The optimization of API:TablesOfContents.Add, insert the cursor after the directory
Application of optimization style after the insertion point font properties
Through the optimization of API set the column width is 0, the error returned value
WPP demo
Optimization of SmartArt vertical list box layout
Optimization of SmartArt output PDF
Optimization of binary file preview display
Optimized read binary files pictures
Optimization of paragraph attributes OOXML file read
Public WPS
Support in the preview tab, set the printer, paper type, copy number, order, way
Support PDF file types in the save file dialog box
Support incremental upgrade
Optimization of the axis display chart
Efficiency optimization: Web content replication paste to WPS, the efficiency of open network images and OOXML containing binary file
When the automatic backup path for the network share path, upload the file dialog box is displayed in the status bar.

About this streamlined Professional Edition

This version features:
The official version of the production based on professional
From the official installation package stripping really run the file, escape from shell may exist
I run the file with the official effective double digital signature, not modify any content
The method of integration of a local government official authorized KEY, installed automatic activation, without KEY
Complete reduction, including the official all functions, steady and smooth installation process of high compatibility
6948 the lifetime version of KEY, to solve the problem of overdue authorization

2016 professional lifetime license serial number / activation code
This is the serial number of a local county government purchase, can effectively activate life!

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