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CAD Mini Figure 2018R6 download the _dwg file to open the /dwg file browser to download

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-06
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 CAD Mini Figure 2018R6 download the _dwg file to open the /dwg file browser to download
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DWG browsing tools, available from the AutoCAD rapid browsing DWG drawings, and provides the translation, zoom, full screen and other commonly used functions. Using a unique cloud technology according to different CDWG drawings to automatically download and reprint the corresponding font, font, graphic drawings DWG to solve the loss problem

Function introduction

CAD multi function plug-in tools ultra fast, super small, two dimensional drawings completely out of AutoCAD browsing each version of the R14-R2016 DWG/DXF/DWF, the original version of the format support it; improvement: display and operation optimization, Win8/win10 further adaptation
[1] now convert PDF image format support, part of export, right key function: add split drawings;
[2] repair part drawings script mark problem;
[3] modified part of the mixed font phenomenon of incomplete display. Features ultra small, ultra fast CAD multi-function plug-in tool, completely from the AutoCAD view the version of R14-R2016 DWG 3D drawings
[1] shortcut: translation, zoom, full screen, print, measurement, calculation, annotations, layers, layout, text search and replace, edit mode at;
[2] the perfect font: using cloud technology, automatic loading of the corresponding font DWG drawings according to different needs, solve the CAD font symbol display problems such as lost, reinforced;
[3] format: BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, PDF, DXF, DWF, SVG, EMF, HPGL etc. almost all popular formats;
[4] fast printing: see that print, color, black and white, the selection box;
[5]: drawings drawings encryption encryption for read-only DWG format, protect your intellectual property;
[6]: collaborative mobile micro channel mobile phone integration: the letter sent by the micro drawing, without data line between mobile phone and computer easily intertransmission drawings;
[7] offbeat pictures: you have never experienced the CAD collaboration, 2 people at the same time = figure, remote and real-time interaction;
[8] drawing demolition India: super simple, ultra fast drawing browsing, drawing print;
[9] the conversion: such as format conversion of drawings, Tianzheng and many VIP batch efficiency tools and services.

Install the crack tutorial

1, in the download and unzip, MiniCADSee.exe setup and mini harmonious patch

2, double-click the MiniCADSee.exe operation, as shown in the figure, and wait for a moment

3, enter the software installation wizard, follow the prompts
Software installation is complete, will run the CAD Mini Figure 2018R1 option, click Finish to exit the wizard

4, install the copy package in the patch to the software installation directory, click execute patch

5, in the pop-up window, select the DWGView.exe program

6, cracked software has been completed, without any restrictions, run it!

Use help

How to convert DWG drawings into an encrypted read-only format (browsing, not edit)?
Use the latest version of the CAD mini plug, open the drawing, click on the top left of the "lock" button to complete the sample. The encrypted read-only format drawings, using the latest version of the CAD mini figure, or mobile phone version V2.5 and above version (Android, iPhone/iPad) can browse.
How to use the CAD mini figure [/] drawing and the new version of the WeChat mobile phone function
WeChat: open the drawing, click on the software right on the WeChat small icon, WeChat can generate two-dimensional code; then open WeChat, click the "found", use "sweep", can be sent to friends in WeChat current drawings;
Mobile phone transmission map: open the drawing, click on the upper right side of the mobile phone software icon, mobile phone can generate two-dimensional code; then open [CAD] mobile phone plug-in mini version, click on the upper left corner of the "three" icon, the use of "scanning", the mass map can be sent to the mobile phone;
Note: Figure CAD mini version 2014R1 and above , Mobile phone version 2.2 and above. We support this feature.

Nearly 100M large DWG drawings, CAD Mini pictures can open?
For large DWG drawings, recommended for CAD Mini Figure large optimization [] even speed version, the general configuration of the computer, but also can be very smooth, open operation and browsing.
CAD Mini Figure "how to solve because of the lack of display fonts??? No problem
"CAD Mini pictures using the CAD" cloud "technology, the current font font missing DWG drawings, automatically from the official website of the" cloud "font library to download the missing fonts and automatically install, and download only once.
CAD Mini Figure "some drawings why not open, or open the missing parts?
Some drawings if damaged or encrypted, "CAD Mini Figure" is not directly open; if the drawing is the use of it was software such as custom DWG format, rather than the standard format of AutoCAD, there will be lack of some content, you can ask the design institute to deliver the drawings, use the standard AutoCAD format, or "day of 3 graph format. VIP (user can convert it and normal open and display format, see: The cloud transform )
"CAD Mini pictures" problem
"CAD Mini Figure" print is to take what you see is a simple and fast way to see your current print range and open the drawing, so the best way is to put the graphics to the visible range of print and print preview. If you need a vector of the HD print, you can download [CAD] Mini drawing The latest version of the professional.       
At present only in the software registration (Registration) when the need for networking, after a successful login is available for offline use.
If there is no network, can open computer network for hot login first use mobile phone (Registration), log off can be hot.
(mobile phone traffic will not be through the use of more than 0.1K)
Open mobile phone hot tutorials are as follows:
1. open mobile phone "Settings" interface;
2. in the settings menu to find "personal hotspot" column;
3. click on the personal hotspot ", which contains the settings of" WLAN hot "and" portable WLAN hotspot";
4. click "settings WLAN hotspot", set the need to configure the WLAN account and password, and then click "confirm";
5. click on the "portable WLAN hotspot" enabled WLAN hotspot.
6. on the computer to open the wireless network to find mobile phone just to set the focus of network, enter the password to the internet.
After the login can shut off the hot.
  • How to uninstall CAD from the computer drawing pictures / mini series products?
    Very simple: click on the taskbar start < >, find the CAD Mini / drawing pictures folder, click Uninstall and select uninstall software, you can uninstall. (restart the computer after all relevant documents will be deleted)
  •  CAD Mini drawing score screen AutoCAD, DWG, CAD quick pictures, CAD The windows10 system of high screen display is not normal to operate?
    1. click on the software right click and select properties;
     CAD Mini AutoCAD, DWG plug-in uninstall, CAD quick pictures, CAD
    2. select the "compatibility" -- "Settings" - check "to replace the high DPI zoom, zoom out" - "application", "application", set up.
     CAD Mini drawing score screen AutoCAD, DWG, CAD quick pictures, CAD
  • Why do I install the CAD /CAD mini mini figure drawing, open drawing is black, or blinking?
    First, because CAD is the default / mini figure drawing OpenGL graphics engine, a small part of display card CAD professional graphics display mode is not supported, you can press the following icon in the software [settings] to adjust the display mode:
     CAD Mini AutoCAD, DWG, CAD pictures, quick pictures, CAD

    Two, or because the computer graphics card driver is not installed correctly, suggestions according to the following steps:

    1, open [online monitoring] in the graphics driver driver wizard online version, click on the immediate experience, please use the IE browser, as shown below

     Figure CAD Mini open black, AutoCAD, DWG, CAD quick pictures, CAD

    2, after the completion of the listed experience can be upgraded in the driver if there is a "display adapter, please download and update the graphics driver, as shown below

     CAD Mini AutoCAD, DWG, CAD pictures, quick pictures, CAD

    3, if not solve the problem, you can download and use [CAD] the latest version of the mini drawing.
  •  CAD Mini AutoCAD, DWG, CAD pictures, quick pictures, CAD I have checked the graphics driver is correctly installed, why appear black, drawing Huaping or flashing, or run crash?
    This happened in the case of computer graphics, and has dual NVIDIA graphics card (nVidia) card users, you need to adjust the graphics settings according to the following diagram:
    Right click on the desktop, 1, open the control panel [NVIDIA]:

     CAD Mini AutoCAD, DWG, CAD pictures, quick pictures, CAD

    2, [NVIDIA] into the control panel, click on the [3D] set under the management of 3D [settings]; then select [settings] in the program choose to customize [program], click [add] button:

     CAD Mini AutoCAD, DWG, CAD pictures, quick pictures, CAD

    3, select the installation path CAD /CAD Mini Mini drawing drawing, as shown in fig.:

     CAD Mini AutoCAD, DWG, CAD pictures, quick pictures, CAD

    4, open the program to select the preferred graphics processor for [], [] after using global settings have two other options, you can choose one of them.

     Flashing, CAD Mini Figure AutoCAD, DWG, CAD quick pictures, CAD

  •  CAD Mini AutoCAD, DWG, CAD pictures, quick pictures, CAD I have checked the graphics driver is installed correctly, or why special card, open the drawing Huaping or flashing.
    Because the CAD Mini Figure / drawing is used OpenGL graphics acceleration algorithm, algorithm CAD professional graphics card does not support a small part of the show that the emergence of the phenomenon, the solution is to reduce the graphics hardware acceleration. The specific operation is as follows: select "start", "Settings", "control panel" to "display". In the pop-up dialog box, select "properties" to "set", "advanced" and "performance". "Lower level graphics hardware acceleration". The default is fully accelerated, it transferred to the basic acceleration, is from the left second lattice, or is completely not accelerated. The adjustment is completed, need to restart the computer, the new settings will take effect. The effect.

Common problem

Q: what is the conversion of native cloud it? Or it really support the format?
Answer: at present, some software claims to be able to open it format map, but were the speculation and crack it format, cannot avoid some information loss and error on drawings. CAD Mini Figure using AutoCAD+ cloud system to convert it into a common format, was 3, to ensure that the drawing information is completely correct and not lose.

Q: new [drawing print, drawing, text editing mode, browse] search and replace function where?
Answer: very simple, open the drawing, click the mouse button to bring up the [right]. (graphical editing mode, copy, paste and delete)
  Q: look, flash, what's going on?
Answer: CAD Mini Figure Drawing / default to using professional OpenGL graphics engine, there may be a few cards do not support,
You can click on the upper right corner of the software [settings] > select display mode > > select "no" switch to normal mode.
See: help
  Q: DWG drawings, digital reinforced symbols appear??? How to solve?
Answer: [picture] CAD mini version 2014R6 and above, has the perfect solution to a variety of fonts, symbols of various reinforced display correctly, please upgrade to the latest version can be fully resolved.
  Q: for the 100M level of the super DWG drawings, CAD Mini pictures can open?
Answer: [CAD] 2014R6 mini figure and above, the full support of large DWG drawings, even the general configuration of the computer,
Open and browse operation is also no pressure.
  Q: how to display all the drawings and 3D rendering?
A: please open the [CAD] Mini picture settings, select "open" to the 3D rendering.


Display and operation optimization, Win8/win10 further adaptation of the 1. new intelligent image recognition function, identification and statistical block more accurate intelligence;
2. the optimization of VIP function interface, the function of VIP to 20, members enjoy more privileges;
3. repair parts of sporadic BUG.

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