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Download the free version of Chinese (AUTO solution Edition)

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  • Update: 2018-09-15
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 Download the free version of  Chinese (AUTO solution Edition)
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The new version of the AutoCAD 2007 design software can help designers to complete the flexible concept and detailed design in a unified environment, in order to facilitate the creation and sharing of design works, user environment in the following. CAD2007 The concept of design features help we can quickly find the design inspiration, then the basic information into design works, AutoCAD 2007 is actually very suitable for the design of the user manual, we can speed up the design process.


\Auto CAD2007 The 3D design of interface
The AutoCAD 2007 interface is more intuitive, convenient for us to quickly and easily create and edit graphic appearance, in addition Cad2007 New features help more users to participate in the early version of the works of design to explore the design and concept, for people from all walks of life to provide more creative design work, make the work more perfect. The new version of the new DWG file format, and will provide a lot of backward compatibility, backward compatibility. Auto CAD2007 You can save 2000, 2004 or even DXF R14 format, in the options dialog box
Auto CAD2007 free download (simplified Chinese version) CAD2007 Download
You can save the default file format. The 2007 edition in a lot of ways to do a lot of updates, details are as follows.
To enhance the performance of 3D
Some people think that the 2007 version for Inventor/Revit users is not the mechanical designer and architect, in fact, the new version of the 3D performance has been greatly improved, of course, users generally only pay attention to graphic design products, if interested can refer to the related literature material, the performance of 3D is mainly for circular and linear support three-dimensional polysemy line.
The new version of the DWG file format
CAD2007 Using the new version of the DWG file format, but is still backward compatibility, provides a lot of backward compatibility. Auto CAD2007 You can save as 2000, 2004 or DXF format R14, stored in the options dialog box where you can set the default file format.
Auto CAD2007 Classic interface
Open the speed has improved
Auto CAD2007 Than the previous version in the open speed is much improved, memory decrease, but the speed has been greatly improved, not the letter can go to test oh.
To enhance the performance of Xref
The new version of the XREF dialog box into a floating tool panel with more features, can be used to DWG format file management, additional graphics and DWF file format.
DWF strengthening
In fact, the AutoCAD has been improved in the new version of its DWF function, we can add a DWF file in DWF format, and the XRef is very like, the user can set the insertion point, proportion, rotation angle for etc.
PDF output function
The print dialog box to open the software, we can see a PDF printer, it allows users to print PDF files, but the designers still recommend Taihu to use Adobe acrobat software to open PDF file.
The rise of API
As users have predicted, ARX has changed, which led to the need to almost all of the old ARX program to write, just like the previous LISP program that almost without rewriting it can run. So for what love does not want the new version and the old version of the ARX program to run in the 2007 edition of the design staff, there will be a period of time to use the new ARX. Visual Lisp and VBA almost did not change, while.NET and ObjectARX these are improved obviously.

Functional characteristics

This site provides AUTO CAD2007 Chinese special edition simplified to you, please do not always entangled in CAD2007 Cracked version, serial number and registration machine, this website provides version only personal learning testing, used for commercial purposes can not be, download Please delete within 24 hours, otherwise the consequences. If you love this software, please go to the web site software download Genuine and pay royalties, hereby declare.

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