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PHOTORECOVERY PRO 2017 v5.1.5.9 Cracked registered version Chinese crack digital photo recovery tool

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-06-10
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 PHOTORECOVERY PRO 2017 v5.1.5.9 Cracked registered version Chinese crack digital photo recovery tool
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PHOTORECOVERY 2014 is a professional photo recovery software, the Chinese interface has been carried out on the perfect break, users can limit the free use of. The software interface is simple and elegant, simple operation, digital media device can help users recover lost and deleted data and formatted or corrupted, save and restore data to another partition, keep the original equipment wholly intact partition.

Basic introduction:
PHOTORECOVERY 2014 is designed to save your digital photos and design software, not only to support the reduction of photo files, also supports multimedia files (video files and sound files rescue), including Memory Sticks, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Micro Drives, SD Cards, Multimedia Chips, Floppy Disks and most of the digital data storage device. You can use it!

For the ultimate recovery tools, photo digital images, movies and more!
How to recover those photos, "only once in a lifetime" that moment was lost forever! PHOTORECOVERY 2014 for Windows photo recovery software is designed to recover from all types of digital image, digital media and film sound file. It is the #1 for the Memory Stick data recovery software, SmartMedia card, CF & I II, micro hard disk, SD / XD, MMC, digital media USB flash drives and other forms. No matter your camera is Canon, Nikon, OLYMPUS, GoPro, or any number of other brands: PHOTORECOVERY, 2014 Windows recovery software allows you to simply media data recovery. To your computer (a card reader) running PHOTORECOVERY 2014. will automatically save the picture to another location.

Some of the camera off in delete / format image cannot be recovered.
Please run the free trial version to ensure your camera compatibility. Thank you.
Important: please read our comparison table before making any purchase,!
Please note: PHOTORECOVERY 2014 and PHOTORECOVERY 2014 professional R
The use of the hard drive or RAID, please refer to FILERECOVERY 2014 hard drive recovery.
Windows version 2000 or higher
A minimum of 512 MB RAM
Available hard disk space to a minimum of two times you want to restore the media.
If the camera does not support removable disk device, you may need for your media card reader
PHOTORECOVERY 2014 is not designed to recover data from the hard disk drive ( - please look at our FILERECOVERY based 2014 professional software disk recovery software
Standard function:
The restoration of the picture, video, and audio files
Restore files, spreadsheets, text files, and more
You create a backup image media file
So you can safely format and wipe the media card
At the same time also supports RAW HD video files and
Professional function:
The powerful function of PHOTORECOVERY standard for all 2014 Windows more:
Compatible with all camera formats - digital back and shooting mode
Including digital media and media recovery performance test Dr.
Fast backup, rub card format, "like new" performance and recovery of digital memory you use
Know when to replace the memory card - before it's too late!

In order to keep and delete data in the files on the drive, all recovered files must be saved to other storage devices or systems in another drive letter. Don't download the software you want to restore the driver, don't try to save the file to restore the driver.

PHOTORECOVERY 2014 in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Czech, Hungary, Turkey, polish, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, simplified China Chinese tradition, and South Korea.

Operating system support:
Windows2000, WINXP, Windows2003 in Windows, Vista entry, the basic version of the Windows Vista family, Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, Windows Vista Windows Vista Business Edition, enterprise edition, ultimate Windows Vista, Windows7, Wind0ws8

Developers explained:
PHOTORECOVERY 2014 很容易使用的应用程序,恢复图像, 电影, 从所有类型的数字媒体的声音文件和其它流行的文件类型, 还支持RAW文件和高清视频. 此外,还包括实用工具,让您安全地格式化和擦拭介质卡. 兼容所有类型的数字媒体,包括记忆棒, SmartMedia卡, CF卡, 微型硬盘, 所有类型的SD卡, XD卡, MMC, USB闪存驱动器和任何其他类型的闪存存储介质. ( PHOTORECOVERY 2014 支持所有主要的相机制造商,包括, 尼康, 教规, 奥林巴斯, 索尼, 柯达, 卡西欧, 松下, 三星, 富士, 美能达, 宾得, 叶, 哈苏, Sigma和多. 支持的文件格式包括MOV, AVI, ASF, M2TS, MOD, WMV, MP4, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, CRW, CR2, NEF, ORF, SRF, PEF, DNG和目前使用的所有其他类型的RAW图像. 音频文件格式包括:, WAV, MP3, AIFF, MIDI, M4A, M4P, WMA和其他. 简单地将媒体到您的电脑 (建议一个读卡器) 和运行PHOTORECOVERY. 这些文件会自动保存到 Your folder on your hard drive.

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