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Process Lasso Pro process optimization management cracked version of a single file | increase speed

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  • Update: 2019-01-13
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Process Lasso Pro process optimization management cracked version of a single file | increase speed
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Process Lasso is a unique tool to optimize the system debugging process level, the main function is the special algorithm of dynamic adjustment based on the priority of each process and for the reasonable priority to achieve the purpose of reducing the burden for the system, which can effectively avoid the process of suspended animation, blue screen, stop, response process takes too much time to wait for a symptom of CPU. At the same time, it also has to promote the work process set dresser, blacklist and other additional features of the foreground process. Process Lasso in the background of real-time intelligent optimize your system will not automatically modify any system configuration, suitable for ordinary home users and professional work environment.

Matters needing attention

1, right-click the operation time of CPU accounted for more games and video process, check the "classified as games or multimedia process"
2, is not recommended for Process Lasso / security software / antivirus software / system key service process for the end of the process, reducing the memory or I/O priority to very low, hard throttle operation, and some antivirus security software, self protection function, the end of the process, CPU and I/O may be the priority priority failure
3, menu options - log settings - check the "exit" keep clear the log log "pruning" can effectively reduce the number of log
4, recommended to maintain Process Lasso boot (including services), part of the boot speed optimization software will disable Process Lasso startup, this will lead to the real time optimization system of Process Lasso
5, Process Lasso in the process of interface operation, because there is a lot of information to obtain and display, may see the Process Lasso graphical interface or core engine process CPU utilization rate reached 15%~40%, which is a normal phenomenon. Hide or turn off this interface
Process Lass resources occupancy rate will become very small, not to slow down the speed of the computer.

Functional characteristics:

1. automatic or manual adjustment process priority; will not need to inhibit the process of adding to the exclusion list;
2. set dynamic enhance the running process / thread priority
(Note: the official is not recommended. This will enhance the blind priority foreground operation process / thread, even if the resource consumption is very high, Process Lasso will not carry on the inhibition (PL by default does not inhibit the foreground process). This operation of the foreground thread optimization effect is limited, and it is easy to cause the background music system Caton, suspended animation, slide the mouse is not smooth and other adverse effects)
3. set the process in the blacklist, prohibition of useless process (mechanism to start end, rather than the interception of the start).
4. optimization of I/O priority and power automation mode.


Process Lasso has many functions, the most intuitive function, or improve the response to CPU.
Here we use a tool of CPU Eater, CPU Eater is simply a one-time operation in the background of several threads (ranging from the configuration of 4-30 threads) to outlast CPU, let the machine get stuck.
Run the CPU Eater in Process Lasso is not installed or not start the case, when set to a certain number of threads, found the machine card No. CPU response is less than 50%, well, remember the number of threads, don't change the configuration.
Then, install and run Process Lasso, the number of threads to run CPU Eater again, look at this time CPU Eater can outlast the system. You will find that the response speed of the system is greatly improved, a little card, CPU response will generally stable at 100%.
Note: Process Lasso on the low configuration computer especially.
Extended knowledge of Windows thread, please refer to "Windows" kernel principle and Implementation


Fix dysfunctional "Notify of power plan changes menu item."
Hide Insights "Since..." If no start time-stamp is available.
Add additional retries and increase time-out for UNC backed configuration files prevent their reset to - to default for failure to load.
Fix 'Pro - Balance' on advanced ProBalance dialog options
Change name of 'default' profile to 'My Default Profile' so it is not confused with program defaults.
Import newer Italian, Polish, Russian, Finnish, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified.

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This software can have a free trial, you may face Process Lasso charges in the use after a period of time, if you still want to try, you can click on the "skip and continue to use the free version". If you want to use the professional version, please copy the keygen to install the root directory, run keygen enter your username, click on Generate.
Process Lasso9 optimization tool cracked version is a powerful process system, To improve the performance of the system during the period of response and stability Through the dynamic adjustment process priority to achieve high load. It can also be The automatic termination does not need the process of application, the default priority and CPU
The process of affinity, can limit process with the number of examples, and Record all process.
To help the user quickly optimize the settings for each process your priority, CPU core related power plan optimization, automation, automation rules etc.. In order to speed up your system, can Intelligent dynamic adjustment based on the background of the process of priority issues and / or CPU connection, PC can improve the response capability and stability. ProBalance intelligent adjustment process priority and CPU affinity, with a positive impact of any Windows and / or PC server (all Windows Server variant) response ability. Software Safe, reliable, stable, easy to use, this small series of Process Lasso9 brings the latest version of crack, with active tools and detailed installation of activated graphic tutorials, need friends not to miss!

Activation installation tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, processlassosetup64.exe setup and Activator.exe activation.

2, double-click the processlassosetup64.exe operation, in accordance with the Corrientes hi installation is complete
3, the following options all direct default, click next.
4, the installation is complete, the software will run automatically, we first close attention to software, closed when the exit tray state
5, run the Activator.exe activation tool, software Process Lasso Pro/Server Edition select 9.x, enter the user name sdbeta
6, click the patch button
7, as shown in the figure, repair success tips
8, then we click the Activate button
9, the activation of success tips
10, this software has the perfect activation crack, hurry to run it!


Process Lasso from the core engine and user interface. The two are separated, so that the user can completely close the user interface in Process Lasso is active and the management process at the same time. The core engine operates at ProcessGovernor.exe, and the user interface for ProcessLasso.exe. Only the core engine will cause the memory usage is only 1-3MB (usually), and almost do not use CPU.

When starting the ProcessLasso.exe user interface, it will automatically start the instance of ProcessGovernor.exe core engine (if not for the current user to run the example). The closure of the user interface, the system will ask if you want to keep the core engine running.

Each user session has its own instance of the ProcessLasso.exe and ProcessGovernor.exe. So they can have a single configuration and flow rule sets, and each instance is limited in its own process.

The component description file name
Process Lasso ProcessLasso.exe graphical user interface
This is used to configure the product manual, management process and Process Lasso real-time display graphical user interface is currently active. It also provides view the current CPU usage and system response chart. This component is optional, no need to install or run Process Lasso core engine (Process Governor) the correct operation. The use of the document, please click here.
The process manager ProcessGovernor.exe the core engine is the core engine application process management rules. It can operate with minimal consumption of resources.
Start ProcessHelper.exe setup this utility allows you to configure the Process Governor in the system when the user logs or guide.
This configuration file contains the configuration file ProLasso.ini Process Lasso process rules and options. It can actually be named as anything, and can be placed anywhere, including remote sharing. You can use the Process Lasso Management Console to change its position, provide command line parameters or manually edit the registry (HKCU).
The log file ProLasso.log the log file records the last operation. You can disable it in order to save more resources. The size of it according to the regular automatic pruning log configuration in the INI file. The log can be stored anywhere, including remote sharing. You can use the Process Lasso Management Console to change its position, provide command line parameters or manually edit the registry (HKCU).
ProBalance optimization algorithm Bitsum
TL DR; Process Lasso; ProBalance algorithm will:

You will be liberated from the mini lag or freeze, can occur in high CPU usage.
Let you from the reset procedure caused by monopoly.
The use rate of activity at high CPU (such as re encoding (transcoding) multimedia personal computer) to maintain the response, please don't wonder.
As one of many features found in Process Lasso, or CPUBalance as the core function.

You can test our ProBalance algorithm the amazing response of the system to the real world or the comprehensive test of the (honest!) Effect。 We have developed such a comprehensive test in the following, we even CPUEater ThreadRacer.

Although we do allow others to audit the CPUEater code, but some people love third party testing. For these people, I recommend the use of HeavyLoad, it is ironic that it can better show the advantages of ProBalance algorithm. Please remember, there is a certain standard in ProBalance before, one of which is the process in the foreground - so you may need to click (or change settings).

Look, ProBalance is really useful! In the snake oil industry, we do not claim that it can solve the problem of each response, but it can solve the problem of high CPU load, which leads to serious problems in response to this problem, even the latest version of Windows 10 will not be affected. If not ProBalance, the machine will not be able to use our own construction. Just try it, if you have a CPU load lead to response problems. If it is I / O or other things, then you're out of luck.

If ProBalance is a background process out of control, or just click away from the foreground process, the ability to respond to ProBalance will "fix" system. You must click on the left, just because the default 'prospects out', to prevent ProBalance doing the things that are important to you.

ProBalance is very useful for the following user:

Multimedia editing. Sonny LaSiWeiJiaSi and other software can be saved to make your PC crawl.
The implementation of a large number of multi task operation and a lot of people in the background.
Game player, VOiP and other real time users want to avoid micro lag.
The continuous high load CPU, and want to use their computers during the actual.

Bitsum innovation (though now more than 15 years!) ProBalance algorithm will reduce the CPU load on the influence of system response. Even in today's most high-end multi processor on this point in the synthesis and practical tests have been verified.

In short, during the load at high CPU, if not ProBalance, it may be the keyboard and mouse and other I / O hysteresis, but when using ProBalance, mouse and keyboard activity is absolutely smooth.

Our algorithm has been very effective in the past 15 years we have been well adjusted it! It is conservative and safe. It will only produce small changes in activity during the interim, and without any harmful effects. It can do this, because it takes only a small part of the CPU cycle to restore the response ability of basic, so from the whole pool of these have negligible effect on performance, but has great influence on the response.

Bitsum is the only provider of the original ProBalance algorithm and the maintenance of good. Cheap copy has a lot of problems, we have sorted out in the past 15 years. It is recommended that you use our implementation plan, otherwise you may have caused more damage.
In all the running processes, CPU how to share?

A CPU core can only do one thing. Therefore, in order to realize the multi task system, all active threads will quickly switch the CPU kernel. It switches between threads that look very fast, many processes at the same time (and) operation, but they just turn - concurrent. For multi-core systems, it is still correct, but there are more CPU can be used for thread execution, thus allowing the simultaneous execution of some real and not just executed at the same time.

When a process thread also need to use CPU, each thread priority is used to help determine which CPU should be the next (this is the most important). Just like ProBalance, by temporarily lowering the excessive activation of the background of the process of priority, even in the face of your PC can maintain high CPU load response. To reduce the priority of the process will reduce the priority of all threads in this process. In the operation process, basically you are changing the base priority of all threads in this process of individual priority. In this way, the relative priority between the process thread remains unchanged.
Process priority

The priority is to keep all the thread priority relative to one another. For example, when you reduce the process priority, priority low priority will spread to all the individual thread priority (the actual use of the priority is the sum of both). Therefore, it will not affect the relationship between the priority thread itself. Therefore, no matter what is the application process priority, can have high priority and low priority thread, and the relationship between them is always high / low.

Common problem

What's the problem?

Windows encountered a terrible problem in the processing of the thread, the thread determines that they need to take up CPU time all bits (CPU binding thread). A single CPU binding thread running normal priority can be the single CPU system into the stall, such as the concept of graphic verification proves the following us. Yes, this is true - believe it or not! Process Lasso is the first to solve this problem, this is the worst case. By temporarily lowering illegal process priority, your computer can be saved completely from the stall.

Show additional testing and improvement, our algorithm can not only resist the worst case, and the balance in CPU load is also very useful. ProBalance to do a small conservative adjustment helps keep the PC response and CPU for all the process of fairness.

In order to improve the fairness, some operating system (such as Linux) of the CPU scheduler will punish CPU binding process, at the same time reward I / O binding process. The concept of effective similarity and ProBalance. Most threads are I / O bound. When they enter a certain type of I / O in a wait state, they will give up their time. However, the CPU binding (CPU thread starvation) will continue to exist, I / O binding thread and executes the actual number of less. These "greedy thread" is the core of Process Lasso ProBalance to reduce scheduling problem.
What is'ProBalance'?

ProBalance (process balance) is the name of our proprietary algorithm that can dynamically adjust the running process of the priority, in order to maintain the system response in high load.

CPU when the system load is heavy, the response will seriously affect the ability of PC. In a single processor PC, only one run in the normal priority CPU thread will cause the whole system to stall hunger. Even the high priority thread will thread starvation by CPU normal priority interrupt CPU complete cycle. The problem is Windows CPU scheduling procedures and general operating system architecture design inherent problems. Of course, it seems that this problem should not exist - but it does exist, and it is easy to show (see below 'sceptics' part).

Temporary users usually find their PC response speed will be shortened in a short period of time (micro delay). Sometimes this is due to an error in the background process, while the other was simply because of the high load CPU. You may have experienced this mouse movement become unstable, every action is very slow.

When LaSo ProBalance may interfere with the response of the system, it will reduce the priority of the process of intelligent background. This will not affect the performance of the background process, because they can still get a lot of CPU time available, but it is helpful to the process of response speed. After all, the response usually takes only a few CPU cycles to maintain a foreground process. When necessary, from the background process to obtain such information is almost unfavorable to them. In addition, this adjustment is temporary, so long as the system conditions change will be cancelled immediately. Process Lasso is designed to minimize outstanding, only lower priority at the appropriate time, and ensure that the background process still perform very well.

Another way of saying (from we asked questions):

So how does the ProBalance have an impact? So, in fact, by * * dynamically, trimming, temporarily reduce the problem background process priority, so you have to smooth the mouse and keyboard to move 1% or less of the CPU cycle, or in the worst case, control Your computer is available.


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