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X64_dbg V2.4 2019-01-11 is the latest version of Windows 32/64 under a debugger

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-01-14
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 X64_dbg V2.4 2019-01-11 is the latest version of Windows 32/64 under a debugger
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X64_dbg is under the Windows 32/64 debugger, similar to ollydbg. The software for English, due to the use of QT platform, will lead to some Chinese garbled. Familiar with OllyDbg debugging tools should be very easy to use. The overall outlook is optimistic, the function needs to be stronger.
Open Source
The new user interface intuitive and familiar
Similar C expression parser
Full function debugging DLL and EXE files (TitanEngine)
IDA like the sidebar and jump arrow
IDA kind of instruction token highlighted (highlighted register)
Memory mapping
The concept of symbol
Thread view
Content sensitive view registration
Fully customizable color scheme
Dynamic identification module and serial
Import (crab) integrated reconstruction
Quick assembly (BeaEngine)
User database (JSON) comments, tags, bookmarks, etc..
Growing API plugin support
Scalable, automated debugging script language
Many types of data memory dump
The basic debug symbols (PDB) support
Dynamic stack view
The built-in assembler (XEDParse)
Check your patch, and save them to disk
The built-in sixteen hex editor
To find the memory mode
Positive development
X64_dbg is constantly developing.
We also provide executable files and source code. Free contribution.
C + + write plug-ins, change the color and adjust your preferences.
X64/X32 support
The application of can debug x64 and X32. Only one interface.
The use of Qt, TitanEngine, BeaEngine, LZ4 and XEDParse serrata, Yang Song. Use the C function to quickly add + + and Qt4 new. X64_dbg is an integrated, debugging, ASM-like scripting language. X64_dbg has many features of reversing or creating social thought. Write plug-ins to add scripting commands or integrated tools.


X64_dbg 2.4 Alpha update log
Resolved a crash when scrolling up in the dump
Resolved reference view not following in disasm correctly
Resolved losing settings
Fixed a crash with a critical section initialized multiple times
Added secret option to disable database compression
Various UI improvements
Allow 'JMP short'
Fixed hardware breakpoints
Disasm/dump/stack plugin menu API
Display the number of bytes selected and the module in dump
Added topmost option
Fixed TLS callbacks on DLLs
Show reference count in reference window
Fixed possible buffer overflows
Added a close all button in the reference view to close all tabs
Fixed a bug with a non-refreshed memory map on start
Report bug button
Update hex when editing ascii/unicode in HexEditDialog
Settings dialog now scales
Fixed importing patches
Thread-safe dbghelp access (could fix some crashes)
Yara pattern finding support
Resolved an issue where toggling patches did not toggle the actual bytes
Data copy dialog in various formats (C byte/word/dword/string/unicode)
Dynamic 'Find references to' menu in disassembler (auto-detects constants)
Added find references option to the dump (also works with a range selection)
Show what was searched for in reference tab title
RegEx support in SearchListView

X64_dbg has been added Chinese simplified, containing 32 and 64 bit versions.

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