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Sing the computer version of the latest version of 8.4.4

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-12-06
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Sing the computer version of the latest version of 8.4.4
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Sing the computer version of the official download 2015 is a widely used song recording software, powerful, support the major social networking platform shared by the majority of the love music of their favorite players, today we bring you sing the computer version of the download, allowing the player to experience higher quality karaoke fun, friends do not miss oh.

Software introduction:

Sing, is a free social networking application of mobile phone karaoke. The application of built-in reverb and echo effects, can be modified to beautify your voice. The application in addition to providing accompaniment, also provides accompaniment to the corresponding lyrics, song when can be displayed, and as in KTV can be accurate to every word. In addition, sing also provides intelligent scoring system of fun, the score can share with friends PK.


How to play and sing:

After successful installation, click to enter the main interface of sing, such as display interface


Click to enter the main interface settings, in which you can. Click on the 'I' personal information view and modify, click on the "game" can also be shared with WeChat friends game. The settings are software general settings


The head of the change

Set the software center

The game interface

Said so much, all that is necessary, the following came to the KTV interface, click the first icon KTV center, as shown below

Click on the point you have to download songs, show good song accompaniment. You can click on the singing, singing

Began to sing, it is not very enjoyable! The software will according to your songs, make real-time score!

After singing, you can upload, you can save the local upload, then you may be the next high-profile star! A new generation of lo-fi Master was born!

Installation instructions:

1, first download the Android simulator


After the installation will automatically enter the software interface, can set the language for the simplified Chinese

2, need to install a SP2 package (running environment, system will not have to repeat the installation)


Note: the installation component is more, net2.0sp1 installed 360 will pop up a warning, ignoring the rest assured!


[new] part list increase list record

[results] the list of new support to share it, to get results quickly

[new] screenshot can be automatically shared.

[new] sing live screen recording function, ready to record wonderful moments of idol

[new] sing live show popular anchor tags, you can quickly find and impress your idol

[new] sing live, favorite idol in Gender screening
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