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Peng Bao Bao Chinese the latest version of v8.4.8.7 encryption

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-08
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Peng Bao Bao Chinese the latest version of v8.4.8.7 encryption
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Now, to your grand launch, Peng Bao bao!! Chinese local version of Snapchat!! Peng Bao Bao is a encryption software encryption tool, to help you quickly encrypt files of personal privacy and important interface, simple and elegant, simple and convenient use, powerful function, protect your files safe. Here is to bring small lightning Peng Bao Bao the latest encryption, long-term update, welcome attention to download!

Peng Bao Bao cattle exactly where??

Save copy are gone, who want to see who

Times have changed, not the file you want to see, want to be able to look!

The Peng Bao Bao, not what all don't want to do the master authorization, copy and paste? Out of the question!

There is a ".Pyc" suffix, is a possession of the master file. According to the United States, embarrassed photos, wonderful photos to share with your buddy, but do not want to be friends betrayed the headlines? Using Peng Bao Bao ~ back, if Chen teacher Peng Bao Bao, maybe A Jiao would not quit acting, maybe Cecilia Cheung will not marry Nicholas Tse, maybe Nicholas Tse will divorce with Cecilia Cheung, maybe...

Peng Bao Bao, change the world, from the start of file encryption

Let see how long how long, burn after reading! After the burning can rebirth!

See see see, see not enough ah!

From now on, you see how long you decide to file the others!

After reading the letter will be heard of spontaneous combustion? Peng Bao Bao let all of this is no longer the Hogwarts happened to you, come on, you say 10 seconds to 10 seconds!

Did not see enough? Want to aftertaste aftertaste?? Oh, how that thing! However, there is an exclusive function of burn - Peng Bao Bao the rebirth! Tell the owner again authorized chant, again can!

(if God give me a chance, I want to look at your file ~ 10 seconds)

In short, all the best in your hands, think how how how to limit encryption encryption, how limited, who want to see who, who want to see who see the heavy weight!!!

Peng Baobao, surfing the Internet, stroll, social networking essential artifact, don't worry about the release of documents.


Peng Bao Bao v8.4.6 update log (2017-12-15)
1. support HTTP proxy.
2. support AB playback section.
3. video playback after automatic start playback.
4. on the top screen button.
5. upgrade after the failure of operation to guide users to the official website to download the installation package.
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