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GeForce 416.81 win10 RTX 2080 win10 special edition for NVIDIA graphics driver

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  • Update: 2018-11-12
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  GeForce 416.81 win10 RTX 2080 win10 edition for NVIDIA graphics driver
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NVIDIA today released the latest version of GeForce Game Ready WHQL certification Driver graphics driver 411.70, the puzzle is the official update seems to follow the 411.63 official version released last week, claiming that the "Assassin's Creed:" the Odyssey, "Forza: Horizon 4" and "FIFA19" provide the adaptation and optimization, a customer service representative said that the error description would be revised in 3 hours.

The latest NVIDIA GeForce 347.25 WHQL graphics driver support has just released NVIDIA GTX 960 GeForce GPU Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing, it also supports the DX10/DX11 game (MFAA), and Dying Light were optimized for the game.

Update log

NVIDIA 416.81 update
The following is a fix to the problem:
1.RTX2080 Ti: a solution using NVIDIA G-SYNC display and non G-SYNC display part of the game may occur in the exit of the blue screen etc..
2.RTX2080 Ti: use this card playing HEVC efficient video encoding video, sometimes there may be intermittent problems.
3.GTX 970: solve the graphics in the audio playback pause audio receiver automatically from multichannel stereo, the switching time from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
4.GTX 1060: solve the graphics in the audio playback pause audio receiver automatically from multichannel stereo, the switching time from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
5. other issues: to solve the problems DX11 part of the game led to the mouse and window display synchronization, improve the stability of TITAN X graphics card.
A known issue for 10 Windows:
1.RTX 2080/2080 Ti: the response speed to enable or disable the SLI single card will appear unusually slow, you must restart the system to return to normal.
2.GTX 1080 Ti: the use of multiple video cards with words in the PLX chip on the motherboard, may appear random DPC Watchdog error code.
3.GTX 780 graphics desktop screen appears there may be delays, also put the mouse in Firefox hyperlink cursor problem also appeared unresolved.
noted that in this version of "improve energy management GeForce RTX 20 series graphics card is idle, which means that the 411.70 version may belong to a hotfix.
In addition, a number of error repair:
Turing (Turing) GPU/Photoshop CC: when you resize the image after the application may crash [200428197]
GeForce RTX 2080/PUBG [200452381] game: flicker
GeForce RTX 2080 Ti: video decoding performance dropped [2396479]
In addition to some known issues in the detailed update list, it is worth mentioning that the RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 Ti users need to upgrade to Windows 10 in creative update (RS3) and above to install the graphics driver, the driver not in earlier versions of Windows 10 installation.
GeForce 411.63 is a RTX 20 graphics system (the first drive starting with the 411.51 media evaluation), and for the upcoming "Assassin's creed of 3 3A: Odyssey" (10 5), "Forza: Horizon" (4 10 2), "FIFA19" (9 28 day) to do the optimization.
The driver also fixed the "Monster Hunter", "World: low frame rate throughout the blockade" open Gamesworks visual distortion problem specific effect.
It is important to note, including China, RTX 2080 Ti is delayed, according to the official forum released information, this product needs to buy goods or 27.
NVIDIA recently released the latest version of GeForce Game Ready WHQL certification Driver graphics driver 399.07, the update for the latest "battlefield 5" beta, "F1 2018", "immortal", the release of "PES2019", "exotic" Jones "Switchblade" the latest games do optimal with the latest masterpiece, ensure that can get the highest gaming experience.

In addition, 399.07 drivers also repair and improvement of the "Black Ops" performance problems 4, revised the "Rainbow Six": the siege of TAA to 100% of the screen delay. MSHybrid also solves the problem of diagonal tear, repair when running Oculus VR software BSOD crash, "black" La VR version of the stability problem, using the VUlkan interface to "doom 4" loss of mapping problem. In addition, the 399.07 drive is revised to upgrade to Windows in the spring of 10 Creative update, not smooth G-Sync window mode.
Changes in version 398.82 and fix the update log
The game is ready
"World of Warcraft: the battle of Azeroth" and "monster hunter world" to provide the best gaming experience.
The application of SLI configuration file
Add or update the SLI configuration file:
- Black Ops 4
World of Warcraft
3D visual configuration file
Add or update the 3D Vision configuration file:
Monster Hunter - World - not recommended
3D compatibility mode configuration file
This version does not add compatible configuration files.
These games must be run in DirectX 10/11 mode to see improvements, and is not compatible with 3D Vision Surround.
Add or update the configuration file compatibility mode:
- the world of Monster Hunter - excellent
Version of the software module
- nView - 149.21
- HD audio driver
NVIDIA - PhysX - 9.17.0524 system software
GeForce - Experience -
- CUDA - 9.2
The problem has been fixed
[[G-SYNC]]: surround sound in surround mode, G-SYNC links in the NVIDIA control panel is lost. [200425004]
[]: to surround sound from the NVIDIA control panel to set the 1 * 3 surround sound configuration. [200415178]
[SLI] [GeForce GTX 1080] [G-SYNC] [[HDR]]: World of Warcraft Legion: Windows enabled HDR settings after the start of the game appeared in serious color damage. [200418344]
[SLI] [Dark Souls Remastered] game time: the use of anti aliasing, the appearance of ghost game. [2218297]
The [NVIDIA control panel] [surround]:NVIDIA surround hotkey has no effect. [200394749]
[[GeForce Experience]:NVIDIA Freestyle] the day of death is not suitable for the game. [2116198]
[GeForce GTX 1080 Ti] [GameStream]: Gamestreaming in white spots may appear on the GPU overclocking. [2194899]
[the unreal engine 4]: unreal engine run 4 games, there will leak resources to create driver. [2204854]
[Wolfenstein II]: the lack of graphics in the game. [2248780]
[[G-Sync]]: multiple applications using native resolution, run the application is not in IFlip, thus preventing the G-Sync trigger. [200416974]
[Wolfenstein II:The New Colossus] Wolfenstein II:The: black texture appeared in Colossus New. [200419742]
[GeForce GTX 1080]: LG TV firmware update to the 4.70.x, the Dolby horizon is no longer valid. [200420847]


GeForce Game Ready Driver official website to download WHQL 411.70:

Adaptation of the desktop version of Windows 7/8/8.1 (64)

Adaptation of the desktop version of Windows 10 (64)

Notebook adapter version of Windows 7/8/8.1 (64)

Notebook adapter version of Windows 10 (64)

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