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The official version of the Android Ian love

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-11-17
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The official version of the Android Ian love
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Love is small Apple mobile phone is the most popular couple software, on-line fifth days into the social Jinbang Top15
Super love 1 to 1 couples, the smallest social products in the world
Designed for two people
Whether single or married, the application must not miss this filled with happiness and joy. Ian love allows couples communication more fun, enrich the life of two people.
When you are not in love with me together, communicate and share, recorded; get along, to explore what to eat, what to do with the small love.

Using the tutorial

The couple between the exclusive interactive application of "small love" in the new version of the Qixi Festival day of national celebration officially launched. Compared with the previous version, 4 the increase of "small aunt", "double game" and "transmission distance" function In the experience, and do a more detailed interaction.

Ian love "aunt" is not as big as aunt to do physiological or health management assistant, I feel more like men and women "whispers", because in addition to help girls boys record "not happy" of the day, also can let the boys know the first time aunt when gone, for shame the time is not too long, the young lovers, to solve a big pain point is not?!

The double game added a total of three, for each picture, and a couple of Bird couple Flappy version version 2048 is popular casual games for the two packaging.

It is interesting to compare the obstacle is a version of the Flappy Bird a couple of houses...... OMG good realistic. The 2048 should be regarded as a fine differentiation play down to earth, like some past lovers play dice feeling, for example are shown in the figure, like them, you know......

There is a function quite interesting, is to give the other half distance, before we talk to a Jiayuan bracelet, the localization of the other half, very practical, but private couples may not be guaranteed. Small loving team told 36 krypton, told distance does not relate to the position, is a relatively small and beautiful romantic experience .

In addition to the newly added function, made some improvements still small loving experience, such as before VIP membership system abolished (refundable), the couple said full 5 hours post and so on. Which is to cancel the membership system and the distinction between the traditional marriage community, do not want to use fee level and allows users to have a sense of alienation.

As love artifact, in addition to encourage private small loving interaction between lovers, but also hope that they can communicate and share in the community and other couples, or invite each other to see their lovers space.


- known bug repair
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