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Small love official Android version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2017-11-17
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Small love official Android version
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Little affection is Apple's most popular couple software, online fifth days into the social networking list Top15
1 pairs of 1 lovers who love each other, the smallest social product in the world.
Designed for two people
Whether it is unmarried or married, we must not miss this happy application. Xiao en love makes lovers communicate more enjoyable and enriches two people's lives.
When you are not together, use small love to communicate, share and record drops; when you get along, explore what you eat and do with your little kindness.

Using tutorials

The new interactive version of "little affection" is officially launched on the eve of the celebration of the Seventh National Day. Compared with the past version, 4 increased the function of "little aunt", "double game" and "send distance". It is more meticulous in experience and interaction.

Little love's "little aunt" is not like a big aunt to do physiological management or health assistants, I feel more like men and women's "secret words", because in addition to helping boys record the girl's "unhappy" day, but also let the boys know when Aunt first time to walk away, for shy, not too long with a small couple, it solves a big pain, is not it?

The total number of new doubles games is three. Looking for each other's head, lovers' version Flappy Bird and lovers' version 2048 are two times of the current popular casual games.

What's more interesting is that the obstacles to the couple's version of Flappy Bird are houses. OMG good realism. And 2048 should be regarded as a way to differentiate and compare ground gas. Some of them are like the feeling of playing the dice between lovers in the past, such as the result shown in the picture, and so on.

Another interesting function is to give the other half the distance. Before we talked about the Jiayuan bracelet, we positioned the other half, which was very practical, but the privacy between lovers could not be guaranteed. The little love team told 36 krypton that distance is not related to location. It is a relatively small and beautiful romantic experience.

In addition to the newly added functions, the little love has made some improvements in experience, such as the complete cancellation of the VIP membership system before the year (the refund), the couple saying that they could post in 5 hours and so on. The abolition of membership system is different from traditional marriage and love community. It does not want users to feel alienated by grades and charges.

As a love artifact, small love can not only encourage private interaction among lovers, but also hope that they can exchange and share with others in the public community, or invite others to see their lovers' space.


- repairing known bug
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