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r Viewer Pro 2.5.322.10 Crack Chinese cracked version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-14
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 r Viewer Pro 2.5.322.10 Crack Chinese cracked version
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PDF Viewer Crack Chinese version is a versatile PDF reader, it is completely free, the need to install.NETframework to perform. It has rich tagging function, multi tab display, powerful function, batch derived image search, zoom and navigation functions. In support of the Chinese notes. Viewer can use any Windows software for example, Word, Excel and AutoCad to produce Adobe compatible PDF files. It has rich configuration and options, and very easy to use. It can also use as a printer, to replace the traditional paper output.

The software features

Support multi - tabbed browsing, but also as the thumbnail index IE7, will open the file in a thumbnail page, allows you to easily select.
- startup speed is not slow, PDF file loading speed very quickly, even if large files can quickly load.
Can display Chinese file.
- you can add text, add comments, draw arrows, painting line, polygon drawing, can also store the modified files without floating watermark.
Can export files into a picture.
Can automatically check for updates.

Function introduction

Add comments and notes of any PDF document (safety limits set) - different from Adobe Viewer, Adobe need to be "certified" PDF to create tools
- from any images, PDF files and even Windows clipboard to add files and application of personal stamp (Custom Stamps)
- measurement tools, including measuring circumference and area measurement
Text and object tag in the page
In any PDF page can be directly input, is not allowed by the Adobe form document in the typewriter (Typewriter) mode
- derived PDF page or the entire file to any kind of support graphic formats, including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc....
From the PDF page / file text extraction
- easy to navigate, let you browse large or copy the PDF file to be simple and fun - extended by us: magnifying tool and flat window zoom tool
-PDF security support, including 40/128 RC4 and 128/256 AES encryption password, and add / edit license
- fill in the Adobe form, and save to disk, email or post"
The user interface (custom color scheme, margins, scroll bar visibility)
- including the complete JavaScript engine
- save / restore the last open file (the last session)
The new JPEG2000 compression support speed
- including Microsoft IE and Firefox.
- seamless integration of your favorite translation software to watch translation "- support ABBYY Lingvo 12, Translate It and Lingoes (BWS)!
- detailed help file and the PDF Handbook: no additional download can add features etc.
- e-mail PDF files directly in the browser.
- custom user interface (toolbar options etc.)
- undo / file editor Undo function recovery
On the attached PDF file support (portfolio)
- default reading preferences file PDF
- default import / export reader
- there is a portable version - can run from any suitable equipment, such as a memory stick /CD/DVD and decompression can be used, no need to install, download the package only 6MB
- operating system for Windows and 2000 update (32/64)
- the ruler is aligned to the grid and the reference line
Viewer Pro professional edition of advanced features
Add / edit / move bookmarks
Delete page
- mobile page in preview thumbnails (Thumbnails View) in drag and drop
Insert / import page (from the PDF document)
Extract pages to a new PDF/ image file
Cut - page / file
- post comments
Insert a blank page
- General Comments
- export notes
- directly generated PDF file scanning
From the PDF file to generate text files and RTF files
- Convert 15 graphics file into PDF file
- add a digital signature (including time stamp)
Note that the software after the installation is complete, the patch is copied to the installation directory to replace the source files, at the same time, after installation defaults to the traditional Chinese language, we need in the "Edit" - "parameter setting" in the choice of language options, set the language for Chinese can be simplified.


2018-01-24 PDF Viewer 2.5.322.8
* Fixed buffer overflow issue on some corrupted files reported by Sebastian Feldmann.

PDF Viewer 2.5.319 release
* Fixed issue with restoring paper size on profile change.
* Fixed issue with handling changes on Watermarks page in Printer s preferences dialog. "

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