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Registered version of enterprise 10.9.17 64 + keygen synchronization tool green crack

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-16
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Registered version of  enterprise 10.9.17 64 + keygen synchronization tool green crack
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10+ Keygen file synchronization tool Chinese registered version can realize the synchronous conversion of two computer or between the computer and the U disk data and files. With this tool, you can backup U disk data in Pass2Go or other documents to a personal computer's hard disk.
is a simple and reliable file backup and file synchronization software. It will automatically analyze, and synchronization, backup your precious family photos, e-mail, contacts, and MP3 songs, between financial documents and other important documents local desktop, notebook computer, server, external drives, Windows and Mobile devices, and remote users through FTP, WebDAV and so on. Never lose your email, photos, MP3 etc...

Function introduction

Comparison of file synchronization software combined with bulletproof reliability with an extremely simple interface, synchronization and backup your emails, contacts, photos, iTunes, MP3 and other important documents.
1. automatic synchronization or backup devices
Between automatic file synchronization and backup on your desktop, notebook computer, server and external drive through the network or the internet. With the innovation of synchronization algorithm for - file synchronization software is in the next few years when the package file synchronization.
2. easily and automatically.
Make your file backup and a click on the latest information, eliminating confusion, and the most important start to enjoy your peace of mind, know your financial documents, work files, e-mail, contacts, photos, iTunes, MP3 and other data synchronization and backup.
is a file synchronization and backup software, it can walk on your desktop computer, notebook computer, external drive automatic synchronization.
Whether it is e-mail, digital photos, MP3 songs, give it, not one less...
The reliability of highly stable and extremely simple easy use of the perfect combination, either email, contact information, digital photos, music, apple MP3 songs, all sorts of important documents, can easily synchronize and backup, comparison.
In a variety of driving equipment between automatic synchronization and backup
Whether it is a desktop computer, portable notebook, network server or external drive device, whether through the local area network or the Internet, as long as your important documents, can automatic synchronization and backup. Through the use of innovative synchronization algorithm for in the next few years will become a leader in the field of synchronization.
Easy to use and intelligent
Click the mouse, update the worry, confusion to go without a trace. The most important thing is that can be used to calm the mood to enjoy all your financial documents, archives, email, contact information, digital photos, music, apple MP3 songs, no matter what the data, you can easily synchronize and backup, everything is under control.


The version of 10.9.17 in November 16, 2018
* license and license and activation: check more repair related.
* new operation dialog box: the backup (synchronization) has become the first choice of job type / default.
* CC Runner Installer: add the option to install the CC Runner as a service.
* CC Runner Installer: delete the account password and the PIN option is rarely used.
The version of 10.9.16 in November 11, 2018
* improve the new user experience: no updated page, the more obvious the dialog box.
* : start to encourage users to create a account, but allowed to skip it.
* 2Go: allows the use of account settings in the Gs2Go and add it to encourage.
* setup: reset from the Internet mark to download, install the EXE do not display a warning.
* browse: hidden msdrive:// file system is old, because it is now completely replaced by msgraph: / /
* MS Graph: fixed "scope" parameters are not stored in the cache in the FS token.
* CC Runner Service: repair service did not start due to logon failure.
* Explorer: fixed upload from SMB does not work.
* the executable file with the name canonic, do not use -v10 or -v9 suffix: .exe instead of -v10.exe.
* the license file: change the license file format for Ver 11.
* gs-server: if the manual allocation of external ports, fixed registration does not play a role.
* sib-socket: better IP V6 address.
* Mediator: Retrieve User NotFound repair error led to close the socket.
Pipeline repair: * ofdisconnecting transponder sequence error.
* gs-server consumer: allows the client only from 4 to 6 allowed.
* the default program to open options - > Security - > Save password encryption.
* gs-server + Network Arrival: interception of network connection / disconnection events.
* gs-runner + Device: Arrival: Runner in listening, and not just in GUI.
* resources: all GS executable files and fixed version list.
* Crash Catcher: add DbgHelp.dll x64 32 DLL is not enough.
* 2Go + V9: 2Go.bat GS2Go to start correctly.
Crack description:
1. the fix-gsync-v10.exe is copied to the installation directory and double click operation (window flashes, without notice)
2. double click the UserReg.reg file into the registry.
3. activation success

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