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Ug10.0 crack version 64 /32 bits (ug10.0 register) containing activated installation tutorial

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-03-12
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Ug10.0 crack version 64 /32 bits (ug10.0 register) containing activated installation tutorial
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This time it brings lightning UG is currently the most outstanding work in a mold industry, 3D design software has been developed to the ug10.0 version, the new version does not support 32 bit systems, XP system is no longer supported, can only be installed on a 64 bit win7, win8 and win8.1/win10 systems. Ug10.0 and the biggest change is: Chinese name and path Chinese full support; while new aviation design options, new model, new creative bias 3D curve, new drawing section line "command, and extending the trim command is divided into two orders, joined the production line design of line design module and so on, the user can bring more new the design of a remarkable experience. This small series is brought about by the ug10.0 crack version download, And is the 64 Chinese simplified version, while with the ug10.0 files and graphic installation tutorial, can help users better activation, allowing users unlimited free use.

The ug10.0 installation method are as follows

Matters needing attention
1, at least above 14GB hard disk space
2, before the installation of clear nx6-nx9 licensing service
Before installing your computer time to 2014 years 5 months 1 days, and put your computer on the NX5-NX9 all the licenses removed, and then install. Familiar with the operation such as licensing service UG users can put the other version of the license and the first stop, do not enable the boot from the start, so as not to conflict, if you are a novice, uninstall the full license service can be according to the following steps.
3, quit all security software, 360 security guards, 360 antivirus, QQ housekeeper to exit;
4, turn off windows firewall
Start the installation
A download, unzip, get ug10.0 of the original program and patch;
Two, install the NX licensing service;
1) first built a Siemens folder [d:\Program Files\Siemens]
2) then the license file is copied to the Siemens folder;

3) find the file "nx10beta-v6.lic" to use Notepad to open;

4) found on the desktop "computer" right click click "properties - advanced system settings - copy computer name;

5) the computer name is copied to the nx10beta-v6.lic replacement, and save;
6) to open the lmtools.exe administrator";

7) click on the "config services" option, enter nx10.0 in the server name box, and then click the Browse button to add the 3 phase should file;
Path to the Lmgrd.exe file [D:\Program Files\Siemens\PLMLicenseServer\lmgrd.exe]
Path to the license filte [D:\Program Files\Siemens\PLMLicenseServer\nx10beta-v6.lic]
Path to the debug log file [D:\Program Files\Siemens\PLMLicenseServer\splm_ugslmd.log]

8) then click "start/stop/reread", select the nx10.0, click on the "start server" to start;

Three, install the NX main program
1) select the "setup.exe" run as administrator;
2) click on next;
3) select typical;
4) click Change and change the installation path for D:\Program [Files\Siemens\NX 10.0\]
5) click on next;
6) the name of the server 28000@m4eas9fdqx0soj7 In fact, @ is behind the computer name;
Click the "Simplified Chinese") 7 simplified Chinese;
Click Install to continue installation of 8);
9) officially installed, please wait;
10 successfully installed);
Fourth, crack NX main program
1) all files will be copied to the crack file under the software installation directory cover can be cracked;
2) [D:\Program Files\Siemens\NX] 10.0 installation directory

3 Start menu shortcuts), send ug10.0 to the desktop;
4) open the software, you already have an unlimited free named ug10.0 cracked version.

Ug10.0 new features

1, the biggest change, ug10.0 support Chinese.
2, insert - curve - last two, one is the optimization of 2D curve and Geodesic Sketch, is a new function.

3, UG10.0 new aviation design options, enhance the function of sheet metal.
Divided into:
1) air bending design
2) aviation design board
3) aviation design ladder
4) air support design

4, when a capture point, add a "pole" capture, capture in the use of some commands to the pole surface and surface.

5, is the beginning of some creative shape features from the NX9.0, ug10.0 increased a lot, but more powerful than NX9, fast modeling in this direction is the trend, is the focus of the development direction of the new UG10.0:
1), setting out the framework
2), sweeping framework
3), pipe frame
4), copy frame
5), the framework of multi segment line
6), the framework of multi segment line extraction

6, a 2D component into the menu

7, ug10.0 resource management more convenient oh, in the sidebar toolbar, a "resource options" button, can be directly carried out the management of resources.

8, in the ug10.0 mouse operation view enlarge, shrink, and the previous version has been just the opposite, the left mouse button + button down direction is reduced, the left mouse button + button, direction is enlarged, not before.
Methods: UG specific settings menu - file - Utility - user default settings - Basic Environment -- View operation direction

9, pruning and extension command is divided into two orders, with better. Moreover, with negative bias can be extended, not previously before the split is not negative! That is to say now may shorten the sheet.

10, drawing a "inside the drawing section line" command can be sketched on line section view.

11, delete functions added "rounded" command.

12, added: the bias 3D curve in the UG menu, [insert] - [] - [3D derivative curve offset curve].

13, injection molding tool in the box [] to create (i.e. create box) two new features: support column and rectangular function added to the inside.

Common problem

1, Q: ug10.0 software, if you want to use the name and path to Chinese Chinese and NX8.0, plus the UGII_UTF8_MODE=1 variable?
Answer: no! Can be the perfect support. No and NX8.0, and environmental variables, here the way to remind users of NX8.0, do not use the UGII_UTF8_MODE=1 variable, this is NX8.0, SIEMENS Chinese do support internal testing, the use of (later will not be able to export data, others can not open your file the fatal defect!) And there is no publicly called everyone to use at work, and to update the NX8.0.2 version, also called pop forced everyone not to use this variable.
2, Q: ug10. software in the use of Chinese or Chinese directory, you can normally import and export data: X_T, STP, IGS component, DWG\DXF, engineering drawings and other documents?
Answer: can, can perfect export.
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