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Piano player PLAY V8.7.4 official version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-13
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Piano player PLAY V8.7.4 official version
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You can play the local hard disk video files and play with play, and the real-time load on the network, watch the barrage, and you will exchange views and opinions. The player can catch it, immediately experience the perfect video player with some tools and online chase.

Choose to play play reason:

Support all video formats
Small water watch online video suck? Use play to play, you can choose a hard disk in HD video, watch and send online barrage. Easily enjoy the local barrage, bid farewell to small TV, small chrysanthemum and playfully progress.
Anime garden official partner
The official data source connection anime garden, garden - list and built-in search function, let you catch some way more relaxed. But you can download anime garden page links directly call the player for download.
The built-in BT magnetic chain bottom edge broadcast
Play play contains professional grade BT download engine, support high-speed download and online play BitTorrent and Magnet video link in seed. With the automatic download function, as long as the set rules and can help you automatically download new resources.
Search add third-party barrage
Look at the animation, do not barrage! Play play support search + loading function in the software, A, B, C and loading station on the barrage, and even some have been under the framework of the barrage works. Me and my buddies can watch the animation together!
Video intelligent identification
Many contributors, just want to see that a barrage? Use play play, different subtitle group, different size and clarity of the video, as long as the video content of the same (for example, One Piece is 600th words), what you see is a barrage.
After the record of cloud synchronization
After the record of this kind of thing to the player to do good! Playing and playing your recorded history, drama update that as long as the login account, you can even on another computer or WeChat sync your catch record.

The characteristics of the software

Support playing most of the video and audio formats
The built-in search, network loading barrage function
Support the third party barrage site (such as Acfun/Bilibili)
Free to adjust the font size, style, barrage appearance
Windows 8 style modern player interface
A variety of themes and colors available

Usage method

1) click on the main interface "OPEN FILE"
2) select a local hard disk video files
3) if a barrage of small number, can add search
4) to start playing!
Note: set the center by clicking on the top right corner of the interface settings "link in the

Update log:

[Windows version of the][UWP version of v8.7.4
VLC V2 kernel support switching audio output device
Remote access page update style
Remote access home search ignores the size of text writing
The media library and remote access will be a default picture of not generating thumbnail video display
The media library generated thumbnail adds a 5 timeout seconds
The media library to add video files will only input common video file format
Failure to repair the Acfun plug-in. The analytic part
Repair the sidebar caption and track the "switch" button may exceed the window.

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