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Adobe Adobe Acrobat Pro DC v2017.012.20098 special edition version 2017 crack Chinese serial number

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  • Update: 2017-12-31
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Adobe Adobe Acrobat Pro DC v2017.012.20098 special edition version 2017 crack Chinese serial number
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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC V 2017.012.20098 + Patch crack Chinese download by PoPeyes Asahi released. Adobe Acrobat X Pro is a new generation of Acrobat X series PDF a release from Adobe production software with Acrobat, you can almost use portable document adobe-acrobat-x-pro type (Portable Document Format, referred to as PDF).

Function introduction

ADOBE company is one of the world's most famous graphics software company. The company's products, such as: Adobe, Photoshop, AdobeIllustrator, AdobePageMaker and so on are special software graphic printing industry. With the development and popularization of network, Adobe company also has introduced a variety of network graphics processing software. Such as: Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Imagestyle and so on. Which, Adobe Acrobat is a very good software.
Adobe Acrobat XI Acrobat series is the latest product, the version number is V11, support PDF into the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation format, there is a new feature for the tablet and mobile devices.

Functional characteristics

An editor, PDF
1. edit text and images
Using the new click interface correction, updated and enhanced PDF.
The text on the page 2. rearrangement
By inserting new text or drag and drop and adjust the size of the paragraph, paragraph text on the page to rearrangement.
3. search and replace
Find and replace text in the document.
Rearrange the page 4.
In the improved "thumbnail" panel arranged, insert, rotate or delete pages.
5. improved action Wizard
Using the action wizard can simplify the task of multi step routine.
Two, create and distribute form
1.FormsCentral desktop application
2. online distribution and collection of form data
3. create EchoSign identification form
Three, create and merge PDF
1. for the merge file thumbnail preview
In multiple pages into a PDF before using the new thumbnail view to preview and rearrange these pages.
2.Microsoft Office 2010
Only one click, you can create a PDF file from Windows for Microsoft Office 2010 applications.
3. the use of cloud technology document
Seamless storage and retrieval from cloud knowledge base document.
Four, sign and distribute signature
1. in the PDF in the desired location sign in a desired manner
Any location of your signature can be placed in the PDF.
2. use to send Adobe EchoSign service and Signature Tracking
Use the Adobe EchoSign online subscription service to send the document for signature approval.
3. long-term validation and ECC based credentials
Use the certificate signature will automatically verify the information embedded in the long-term.
Five, custom tools and working area
1. create a set of tools
The tool set, you can quickly access the most commonly used tools and commands.
2. to cancel the fixed notes list
The "annotated list" from "notes pane. Adjust the size and position of the annotated list "to simplify the work flow.
Touch mode 3. tablet computer and mobile devices
The touch reading mode will optimize the view and support the most commonly used gestures.
Six, the protection of PDF
1. delete sensitive information
Permanently delete sensitive information from the PDF file.
2. add password protection
No need to become security experts, to prevent others from editing your PDF file.
Add password in Microsoft 3. Office to create PDF
Seven, the PDF with auxiliary tool (Acrobat Pro)
1. for creating an accessible PDF guide to action
The use of "Create Accessibility Wizard actions to create an accessible PDF for the disabled.
The 2. auxiliary tool to verify PDF
"Integrity check" option will gradually check PDF, to determine whether the PDF meets the standard tool.
Eight, export format and options
Convert PDF to PowerPoint 1.
2. will be converted to PDF HTML "
PDF files will be converted to single or multiple pages, including for quick re format editing style elements.
3. PDF export options
The derived part of the file selected for the Microsoft PowerPoint format (Acrobat Pro), Word, Excel or HTML.


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015 to install a trial mode, after the installation of a normal operation, then the patch is copied to the installation directory can break (pay attention to see if there is any process is still running, if there is a force at the end of the task manager).
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