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The new Legend of Sword and Fairy Mobile Games purchase modify the cracked version of the 3.9.0 version of Android's Xin'an official website

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  • Update: 2017-12-07
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 The new Legend of Sword and Fairy Mobile Games purchase modify the cracked version of the 3.9.0 version of Android's Xin'an official website
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The new Legend of Sword and Fairy Mobile Games is a Xian Xia theme of the role-playing game. The game in the "Legend of Sword and Fairy 6" is modeled to game player authentic Xian Xia experience, come to download the game experience!

Game Description

Chinese Mobile Games and the joint development of Daewoo's "new Legend of Sword and Fairy" 3D heavy plate shock struck! Xian Xia eternal classic, wonderful new experience. Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Linger, Lin Yueru etc. the role of full debut for having heard it many times. Legend series portrait vocals dubbing queen team. Super adorable Q 3D version, full voice dialogue, 100% original presentation twenty years love classic story. Classic round battle, guardian beast full back. Five spirit of refining, forging, the sword of the spirit sword flight, more 100 stunt to help you sword lakes Confidante. The new legend, give you new moves.

"Legend of Sword and Fairy" is the most famous game, as the domestic single game no one, Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Linger, Lin Yueru's poignant love story once deceived us how many tears. And now, the release of the game after a lapse of 20 years, Daewoo information announced today that the CMGE and Chinese Mobile Games with the launch of the "Legend of" genuine 3D heavy plate Mobile Games -- "new Legend of Sword and Fairy". Chinese Mobile Games CEO Xiao Jian said, very honored to create the "legend", and "Xuanyuan sword", "monopoly" and other classic game brands Daewoo information cooperation developed and launched a "new Legend of Sword and Fairy" Mobile Games. As everyone knows, "Legend of Sword and Fairy" is a famous Chinese world classic RPG game, the name "legend" has gone beyond the range of games, and became a representative of the cultural industry China game. Chinese Mobile Games and Daewoo soft star both sides attach great importance to the cooperation, our father Yao Zhuangxian participated in the design and supervision of the game and also to repair, China Mobile Games S product resources to promote the "new Legend of Sword and Fairy" issue.

Game background

In 1995, "Legend of Sword and Fairy" turned out, opened the Chinese as the first brand Chinese game made a dream trip. Daewoo information also launched the "Legend of Sword and Fairy 98" on 1998 (the original tender engraved), the new Legend of Sword and Fairy in 2001 for "" (improved technology, plot basically no change). Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Linger and Lin Yueru played the role of love and hatred, with numerous game player, a classic across generations. The launch of the 3D heavy plate Mobile Games "new Legend of Sword and Fairy", is the development of the times, to keep up with the development of mobile Internet, high-definition display and 3D technology tide. Which remains unchanged, is highly conserved in the original essence: the old game player, it can replace it moved; in a new generation of game player, is a classic experience from the heart.

The game features

The official full voice, for early legend moved

3D ink system, the classic interpretation of the new move

Twenty years of love, Chinese characters return 100

The innovation of the battle of 3D, the patron saint of Kenshin to help you

No sword flight, a huge number of spells is yours

We dream come far, but the romantic fairy!

The new legend of the nine game features, Heritage Classic remodeling legend

The legend of the game as the source, in order to reflect the 5000 years of Chinese civilization Xian Xia culture, this will be traced back to the game in the series contains Chinese chivalrous refined, remodeling becomes in mysterious China legend, the myth of the amazing Yanhuang heritage, to jiandanqinxin, tender feelings for the man Bone Spine, in antiquity fantasy world, variegated colorful beautiful background of a national game a masterpiece!

The international cutting-edge technology picture

The "new legend" is the world's first use of the Unity3D engine China wind MMORPG, Unity 3D is one of the earliest Chinese network game based on independent research and development. In the rendering ability and dynamic performance of Unity 3D under the powerful, the "new legend" will bring a beautiful and incomparable dazzling visual feast to the game player; China wind, whose full ink color delicate beautiful, let the game player personally on the scene, linger. At the same time, it can realize the double end client and landing pages.

The protagonist of the stunning debut

The game brings together all the main characters in the game Legend of the series, both Li Xiaoyao and Wang Xiaohu, etc. the protagonist has orpine, worship leader, Liao, Xiao and other villains. Good and evil forces on stage at the same time, the characteristics of their ability, personality, hobbies and so on will be the perfect reduction, they may be on the way of growing NPC guidelines, or join with you into the arena partner, may also be a powerful BOSS, waiting for you to get rid of!

The game

Aesthetic style, familiar scene, new gameplay, new Legend of Sword and Fairy Mobile Games with you again.

New gameplay features []
1. reward Hall: Arena reward, rich rewards
2.: a copy of a copy of the clearance, the activation of Xian yuan Xian yuan
3.: strengthening the quality grade, fashion to develop advanced
4. achievement system: achievement, access to resources, reward and achievement points
5. new copies of the thirty-second chapter: the thirty-third chapter (broken) break the false news surprised (LAM)
6. new partners: Imperial Department of fleabane, sensitive system Zhao Wuyan
7.: Yan Jun, Tu Ling
8. new mounts: alpaca
9.: the new fashion

[function] optimization
The 1. time: limited activity, rolling coins
2.: Battle martial war were grouped according to grade optimization
3. spirit pet list: list of new spirit pet list
4. other optimization: tree, Suoyao and magic decomposition optimization

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