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Datong securities online trading powers to download the latest version of v6.44 version

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  • Update: 2018-11-06
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Datong securities online trading powers to download the latest version of v6.44 version
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Datong securities online trading stock index futures the most magical edition supports reveal new market securities analysis software, and support the margin trading, equity trading, Hong Kong stocks, the global stock market, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Shenzhen Tong, Datong securities online trading powers version trading account landing market information system, can see the latest research report "Datong" also, instant messaging reminder to provide professional information at any time.

 Datong securities online trading 6.28 magical Edition

Functional characteristics

The 1. page customization, individuality
The layout allows users to customize according to their needs analysis interface software willfulness arranged in a plurality of analysis window, so the user can see more information on the same page. Users can also customize the good layout to save, export or import, and the exchange of user customized other layout.

2. ETF analysis, capture more arbitrage opportunities
Through the comparison of superposition index and ETF, grasp the changes in discount, premium, capture more arbitrage opportunities

3. mobile chips, accurate distribution
Mobile chip distribution help you stand in the dealer's point of view, overlooking the straddle both sides of the game, how to clear chips quantity and price distribution in the shareholders, especially the banker's hands, in order to determine the nature and trend of stock market prediction, rise time! Remind the chips will be distributed to the banker in the "rising power", quietly closed the dark horse in the future to pick up the "things"!

4. trading system, colorful K
Through the trading system of instructions, the system can help you in the K map marked on the eye-catching buy and sell signals, you can better analyze the laws of history of a stock, to predict the future. Automatic recognition of typical K-line combination! Specific K-line patterns often indicating the effect is very accurate, the system provides many kinds of colorful K formula, elected in a pattern, the system automatically identified in the chart will belong to the mode of K-line, at a glance. In addition, the system also supports the highest indicator.

5. precise rehabilitation, powerful
The automatic and accurate rehabilitation treatment the one and only, to ensure absolute continuous technical analysis! When considering the effect of accurate ex dividend bonus, stock options and dividends on stock price, make the technical analysis more accurate and more complete. Support all cycles of rehabilitation, rehabilitation support, after rehabilitation, and the right to information database maintenance and support, further eliminate the influence of the trend of the ex dividend.

6. smart stock picking, screening of the dark horse
Datong securities Shentong on-line version of the commissioning software for intelligent stock stock condition, provide customized stock, stock, stock selection and comprehensive intelligent plug-in stock five kinds of stock selection model for you, whether from the technical or fundamentals, you can quickly choose their favorite stocks. You can also use different analysis cycle multiple conditions combined conditions of stock, and will save the results to a stock plate.

7. comprehensive index, worth
Datong securities Shentong on-line version of the commissioning software covers the analysis of indicators, tools and methods of various classical and popular technology, and there is no lack of original research results of analysis technology. All kinds of analysis method is extremely flexible and convenient, can make you happy, wanton play use. At the same time can dynamically adjust any analysis of technical parameters, in the adjustment process, you can preview the picture changes, WYSIWYG real.

8. data maintenance, simple and quick
Take up the data, sorting data cleaning operation. The day after the data conversion can be closed conveniently. Selection and test data is not enough, the system will automatically prompt.

9. the time tunnel, and reproduction
When the replay can reproduce the dynamic effect of intraday trading. It will be from the end to the current time after time chart fast playback, playback of the movements coincides with actual process. Users can quickly browse redraw charts, stock price, split transaction, transaction volume, transaction amount handicap, change.

10. comprehensive information, seize the opportunity
It lets you express personal views on the client, to keep abreast of market information. You can also have a collection of valuable information, and quickly find the needed information through information retrieval.

11. mine of information, off the market
The information provides a unique "mine, mine of information function. As long as the important market review and forecast, information announcement, etc. in intraday trading reference, there will be a mine sign in the corresponding time chart.
The stock data of listed companies basic information, such as the total share capital, the flow of capital, dividends'distribution, ex dividend information etc.. The basic data of intelligent search, right click and select input, intelligent retrieval, stock code name or keyword ("+" and said, you can quickly find the relationship). Use the TAB key to switch between different sources of data. The software will provide the latest information of the basic information and data information right.
The announcement message received news announcement. The announcement information window also provides data browsing and retrieval, support keyword retrieval, and support the keywords and logical or semantic. The news for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, shanghai. There are multiple files, single text format, HTML, gateway, remote landing news.

12. shares the same column, overall
The screen is divided into a small window, each window shows the price and volume of a stock trend, you observed at the same time many stocks (up to 25 observation stock). Support multiple stock charts and analysis of the map with the same column column. More and more the same column chart chart with columns available F5 switch.

13. keyboard wizard, quick operation
Fast selection, selection index function, the first phonetic code query technology (keyboard wizard), using the stock name Pinyin initials encoding, can easily find the stock index English; use of abbreviations, can easily find the index; also support plate and choose Pinyin Pinyin selection function, such as the WT delegate FXT enters the analysis chart.

14. self formula at
The user can through the formula manager custom index formula, formula of the trading system, stock condition formula and colorful K formula to turn their ideas into formula, give full play to your ability and cleverness. The custom index formula, you can use your own indicators to analyze the historical data; through the custom stock condition formula, you can choose you want to find the stock; through expert system formula, you can do the experts themselves, determine the timing of the sale; through the custom colorful K formula, you can search for special K-line form in the K graph. At this time you have been from an ordinary investors qualify for a senior investors.

The 15. mouse companion, tracing tips
Whether the mouse docked in the index or indicator have detailed notes that fully reflects the humanization design software. If there are multiple stocks, mouse tracking will prompt resolution of stock information, intelligent display stock name. If there are many types of indicators and indicator, mouse tracking tips will intelligent types of detailed distinction. If the equity change instructions, tips will distinguish the mouse tracking, ex dividend allotment bonus in different situations, and displays in different formats, pointed out that the specific time and accurate data.

16. high degree of automation
Intelligent automatic add new, automatic supplement daily, basic information, data, news announcements, ex shares data and comments.
Automatic updates when the user online, through the online upgrade program will automatically upgrade to the latest version of the system users.
Automatic paging, activate this function, make the market window, the immediate window, the analysis window at a certain time to refresh.

17. index line drawing, fast and convenient
Provide AutoCAD style imitation line drawing function for users, not only can draw a line, can draw the line has been to translation, rotation, compression, stretching and delete. Support the trend line, line, line, line, the percentage of the golden line, line, linear regression, linear regression, regression line, Feibolaqi channel, cycle line, speed resistance, line, arrow mark, Gan word mark and parabolic line drawing tools, dozens of special line drawing functions, such as equal map, map compression, Pagoda line, painting line fast and convenient. Finish line after line drawing can adjust the position and angle conveniently. Picture zoom will not affect the line drawing, painting line permanent memory, unless the user is forced to delete. Line drawing color can choose and define.

18. personal finance, very careful in reckoning
Intelligent investment management is new, providing multiple types of statements. You can set a password. This system specially set up a memo function, to facilitate investors with the Notepad record some important news and events, and inspired the stock market insights and experiences. The investor calculation, before buying and selling stocks, which can be easily calculated their price, profit and loss fee, the amount of money.

19. early warning system, very alert
Market trends: according to the radar investors set condition monitoring of the entire stock market, to help investors find may ignore or not pay attention to the wind sways grass! The custom change ratio, the absolute price, trading volume, turnover, price index, closed and open limit breakthrough and a series of warning conditions, the system will prompt the characteristics of investors in the stock transaction and its condition is satisfied, investors can at the same time the abnormal changes of market hold the moment, seize every sale the time.
Early warning system: the user can choose some interesting stock warning, can set upper and lower price breakthrough value. If the stock market changes is abnormal, the pop-up dialog box warning.

20. popular online, insight into the opportunities
The main market acquisition all client popularity, according to certain algorithm statistics a degree of concern and sympathy, to tell you the recent hot market where there may be.

To update the content

1, the new Shanghai LOF classification fund transaction function;

2, the new China Unicom, telecom cloud market station 3

The combination of window

The name of the stock before the symbol "G" said the stock share information, "L" said the stock related stock information, the user can use the mouse to click the symbol view related information.

[function] switch area
Mouse click "pen, price, fine, disc, potential, index, value, raise, or with a small keyboard" + ", or click the right key, can realize the switching function switching window displays the contents of the district.
Change to the other [Stock] analysis chart
In the analysis of graph with the keyboard wizard, can easily switch to another stock image analysis. For example, on WMZX, keyboard wizard out optional queue, "Enter" on the screen, a graphical analysis of the picture material trade center. According to the "PageUp" or "PageDown", can be switched to the analysis chart and the stock immediately before and after the stock.
Press Ctrl+O or click the right button, it can easily be the trend of stock market trend or other added to the main picture, for your comparative analysis.
How to make cross cursor []
According to "" or "-", you can start and cross cursor move around it, at the same time will pop up dialog box (figure information analysis can easily drag to the appropriate position), display the current cursor position with market information, the corresponding values of each index are also displayed on the upper part of the main map / Vice map. To close the cursor, according to Esc.
[zoom] the K map
The mouse in the abscissa refers to the drawing area (the date of the regional scale, at the bottom of the window), hold down the left mouse button and drag to the right, show more day figure graphics data reduction; if the drag to the left, to display the number of days reduced, zoom. If you hold down the right mouse button or drag the mouse, graphics translation, changes in the display period. "Up" and "down with" can also zoom graphics.

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