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Fruit music production software Chinese version of _12 Chinese version download free package

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-06-19
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Fruit music production software Chinese version of _12 Chinese version download free package
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is also called fruit music production software , which is a lot of music and music lovers like and chase the virtual music studio, it contains all the recording function, users can easily make music singing and post production processing, let you in front of the computer can also enjoy the fun of professional recording. Small as we bring 11.1 Chinese version, including the finished package.

Speaking of that

Speaking of the purpose is to beginners to grasp the operation, skilled or recommend the use of English version, one is because the music software version two or English majority, is the Chinese version not be updated timely.
Do not change the name of the Chinese patch folder, otherwise can not be finished. Speaking please close other programs called fruit or fruit. If you just want to test Chinese version, recommended in a virtual machine.
In addition to the.Net 2 framework support software

12 features

1. new interface, new icons, Channel, Rack browser, the playlist completely redesigned.

2. of all the material interface can drag the suspension operation.

3. you can zoom in and interface.

The 4. mixer supports right-click remove material, support multi touch.

Install the 5.VST plugin and scanning, more simple.

12 new features

I wanna be feature demo. By Adam Szabo wrote and produced by Johnny Norberg, writing, singing and music.

Plug-in scanner: can now be used to customize the VST search path. From the list of plug-ins to open the scanner drag. Add or remove plug-ins like.

Download manager now open interactive website.

Add Demo:Raubana - LIFE, Agnivesh ft Avinash Bahane Bana Kar. Chris Bulman - Sarju Jagai - No Escape. Jose M. Berroa/ Dr. N.D.A - LP700-4 Nine Loops - Keep it Simple..

Many reports of error correction.

1.Browser (browser) browser has changed (now with a category label and can right click to remove content)

2.Channel Menu (channel menu) - channel options menu has been moved to the channel from the tool frame.

3.Channel settings (channel) - have been integrated into the Plugin Wrapper (plug-in loader).

4. interface - vectorization user interface (i.e. flat user interface). See Options GT General Settings GT GUI dispaly.

Each of the 5. channel swing channel set now has a ldquo swing increase rdquo.

6.Pattern Menu (sample menu) - sample menu from the channel frame has moved to the tools menu and Pattern Selector (sample selector).

7.Piano roll (piano roll) - piano roll automatic zoom can now GT General gt from Settings Auto zoom in piano roll set.

8.Playlist (playlist) - (from the file browser window) drag multiple audio files to the playlist.

9.Stepsequencer (step sequencer) - step sequencer and now a piano roll together.

10.VST Plugins (VST plugin) - VST plugin installation has now changed. On the left side of the browser can view.

  11.1 Chinese version download free package

12.0.2 update log
Wrapper: new option to determine what bit size to load for a plugin
ASIO: added "clip" option
Fixed crash in about window
Fixed generic links behaviour for effect plugins
Fixed loading 64bit plugins in FL 64bit
Fixed JPG support in FL 64bit
Fixed MRU color system in rename window
Fixed Fruity Slicer preset in plugin database
Fixed key value on export of score pdf
Fixed event recording bug
Fixed "item menu button" bug in 64bit
Plugin Scanner: various bugfixes
Control Surface: button saves/loads wrong state
Convolver, Slicex: fixed popup menu bug
Dashboard: fixed crash when exporting as text
DirectWave: fixed import of 3rd party sound banks
Download Manager: doesn t "remove" downloaded "(link folders anymore)
Edison, Slicex, Convolver: fixed noise profile doesn t work right in 64bit "
Harmor: fixed GUI glitch
Newtone: fixed sample properties window
Parametric EQ2: bugfix
Patcher: Fixed bug loading NEWTONE
Patcher: fixed missing preset arrows
Scratcher: fixed crash on right click
Sytrus: fixed X/Y control over other controls
Sytrus: fixed black rectangle bug
Wrapper: fixed problem loading wrapper options
Wrapper: fixed crash loading MrRay73 plugin in FL 64bit
Wrapper: fixed reset of parameters of interfaceless plugins
Wrapper: fixed behaviour of parameters for Fruity Compressor (FL 64bit)
Most of Chinese resources are reference 11.0.3 Version (by Hai Zi (Pang Zhenhai) Chinese translation update). Thank you for!
The finished patch also integrated x64 version of Chinese resources. The translation is not perfect, part of the program will be garbled, and the non-standard resources finished can cause a program error, so the non-standard resources are not a part of the chinese.
The Chinese way: install the original program, do not run the program after installation, copy finished patch or run directly (recommended copy finished finished patch patch to the installation directory can be finished).
The program in the browser display folder, please manually switch to X:\Program Files (x86) \Image-Line\ 12\Data (letter X on behalf of your installation of Patches) and the Projects folder in the file name translation can be finished.
Decompression password:
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