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Adobe 2018 7 7.2 64 crack version download version LR CC2018 files

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 Adobe  version 20187 crack download 7.264 edition LR CC2018 files
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is a Adobe designed for photography to create a post processing camera production tools, 2018 and Lightroom 7, is actually the same software, through 2015 can easily picture editing and processing, the new version also adds panorama synthesis, HDR synthesis, face recognition and other functions and only supports 64 bit operating system.


The new Lightroom will only support 64 bit operating system, features include face recognition, automatic management, editing HDR and panorama synthesis more powerful healing brush, other improvements include a new slide mode, through the increase of HTML5 and social support network. Another version of the software can be part of the operation to GPU to accelerate the processing, so as to enhance the performance of software.

Face recognition

This function provides a new mode of photo management, can face feature recognition in the photo, a photo when the selected person, this person can search other photos in the photo library. You can also own the software can recognize the character delineation of naming.

The release of Adobe and the retail version of Lightroom 6

Panorama Stitching

Originally it only functions in Photoshop or via third party software, but Adobe has the function of integrated into the new version of Lightroom 6, . This function supports JPEG and RAW files, support DNG output.

The release of Adobe and the retail version of Lightroom 6

The synthesis of HDR editor

The new version of Lightroom can be directly to the gallery in different exposure photo synthesis of HDR, support DNG output.

The release of Adobe and the retail version of Lightroom 7

A higher degree of freedom of the brush tool

The release of Adobe and the retail version of Lightroom 7
 Adobe  2015 download 64 Edition

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