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VideoStudio x9 19 Chinese crack version download _ VideoStudio x9 registration machine package

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-12-31
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 VideoStudio x9 19 Chinese crack version download _ VideoStudio x9 registration machine package
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VideoStudio VideoStudioX9 is a powerful DV, HDV video clip editing software, simple operation, suitable for household use, complete the film editing process solutions, double the share, new processing speed from shooting to. Provide editing function and effect of more than 100, and can be directly made into DVD and VCD discs.
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VideoStudio X9 finished package patch Baidu cloud 64 /32
  • License: free software
  • Software type: domestic software
  • Software language: Simplified Chinese
VideoStudio x9 RI (download patch 64 /32 bit serial number)
  • License: free software
  • Software type: domestic software
  • Software language: Simplified Chinese

Function introduction

1, add more than 6 new angle machine editor, can cover all the scenes and the video and audio enhancement using automatic function, create top level sound;

Built in 2, more than 2000 sets of customizable effects, and can use the title template, stop, stop motion animation, dynamic tracking tools, add video effects, add more personal creativity;

3, provides audio and video fast or fast model suitable for all kinds of users of different skill level of editing work, can use custom effects have created unique personal style video.

 Ulead VideoStudio

X9 graphic tutorial VideoStudio Fillmore

1, install the original file

2, "VideoStudio X9" run desktop shortcuts, select the last item skip registration

3, close the software and then re run, click on the "Already purchased"

4, open VideoStudio X9 RI, Corel VideoStudio to select the version of X9, then the sequence number is copied to the registration interface, then click Options

5, part of the Code copy to the registered machine, then will generate the activation code copy, click Contimue to complete the registration, as shown in fig.:

6, VideoStudio X9 cracked version of the installation is complete


New in Corel VideoStudio Pro X9:
Includes enhancements to stability, addressing crash problems related to Intel HD Graphics and disc menu customizations.
Close the Corel VideoStudio Pro language settings: X9, find the installation directory folder [zh-TW] to [zh-CN], then open the Corel VideoStudio Pro X9, we can see that the interface has become traditional Chinese.
Resources: Corel VideoStudio Pro & Ultimate X9 Multilingual (x86x64) + Keygen
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