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Autodesk Inventor2016 (with 32/64 register)

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  • Update: 2018-11-07
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Autodesk Inventor2016 (with 32/64 register)
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Autodesk Inventor2016 is a 3D entity produced by AutoDesk simulation software, it contains various features of 3D modeling, information management, collaborative work and technical support. Use Autodesk Inventor to create 3D model and 2D engineering drawings, manufacturing can create adaptive features, parts and components, but also can manage thousands of parts and large parts, it's connected to the network tool can make the staff work together to design and colleagues sharing convenient data communication.

Inventor2016 in a simple user interface, there is a breakthrough progress 3D computing speed and the coloring function. It is built in the simulation of core ACIS 3D entity, designers can quickly obtain the true sense of simple parts and assembly, thus shorten the reaction time of the system and the user's intentions in the distance, thus minimizing the impact of the designer's creativity and play.

 Autodesk Inventor2016 (with registered machine) 32/64 official version

Functional characteristics

The correct design tools

Inventor product line provides a comprehensive set of tools to support the design, 3D design and design verification documents, pipeline design and. The two-dimensional engineering drawings and local detail Inventor not only contains the data management software, AutoCAD Mechanical, 3D design and real DWG compatible with on this basis. The expert system provided by Inventor in the most efficient way to generate engineering drawing manufacturing, thus speeding up the process from sketch to finished.

Meet the needs of the design of the special tool

A special tool to create and verify the design of piping systems, including pipes, fittings and wire harness design, so as to save time and reduce the cost of building the prototype. Autodesk Inventor Professional provides tools to create a complete, including the design of complex piping systems, and automatically create accurate BOM and complete manufacturing document.

To verify the design before the creation. The use of Autodesk Inventor Professional, a complete design can mimic the composition of motion part, and accurately predict the instantaneous load and acceleration. In addition, the finite element analysis tools can help engineers to complete the analysis of stress strain and modal, to avoid related design errors.

Inventor according to different product configuration software, which can provide different functions, which makes AutoCAD users the best choice in the manufacturing process.

Digital prototype

Create a digital prototype to determine the details of the design, saves the manufacturing cost of the parts is true.

(enhancements) 3D virtual model

In the early stages of design verification and simulation results, high quality products, to create innovative. At the same time, reduce manufacturing cost and shorten the time to market.

Before the completion of the actual machine, complete design and functional design of parts and assembly verification.

In the design process or design, can be simple to look at the sketch, parts and assembly. At the same time in the process of design, help the designer to choose the optimum design scheme.

The expression using the assembly position, evaluate the design results in different motion mechanism.

Interference and contact detection

The use of Inventor assembly detection tool to reduce design errors and improve process design.

The use of automated tools to test parts in the assembly of the interference.

Drag a part to the other part to verify the relationship between contact.

Which choice in a group of independent components in contact to determine the composition of whether the expected movement rules.

Automatic limit

Automatic limit function will automatically monitor the selection of design parameters and beyond the range specified in the parameter display color warning to reduce design errors. The use of automatic monitoring function can limit the length, distance, angle, diameter, perimeter, area and quality.

The assembly model is saved as STL format in Inventor assembly environment file used in rapid prototyping.

Installation method

1 and Inventor 2016 were divided into 32 and 64 version, please select the appropriate version of its operating system, WIN 7 64 to small system as an example

2, run the "Inventor_2016_English_Win_64bit_dlm_001_003.sfx.exe" to start the installation, select unzip directory, the directory is not a Chinese character, software installation package size 10.3GB

3, after the completion of the automatic decompression pop-up installation interface, click the "Install"

4, select the "I Accept" to accept user agreement, click Next

5, enter the serial number "066-66666666", Product key (installation: 208H1, click the Next key)

6, select the installation and installation directory, click "Install" to start the installation

7, the software will automatically detect and install the software, waiting for the installation can be completed

8, after installation, disconnect the computer network connection, run the Inventor 2016 desktop shortcut, click on "Activate"

9, open the Autodesk 2016 registration machine, click on the patch

10, the request code copied into, click generate

11, will generate copy the activation code inside, click Next

12, the pop-up window prompts to register successfully

13, install the crack, we Inventor 2016 can be used indefinitely.
Detailed installation tutorial: activation crack

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