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360 offline update antivirus v180115 installed version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-01-16
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 360 offline update antivirus v180115 installed version
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Can be downloaded directly after the operation, 360 antivirus virus database upgrade to the new version.

The 360 is a cloud security antivirus antivirus software, it is completely free, produced by the 360 security center. 360 antivirus has the following advantages: high killing rate, upgrade quickly, occupy less resources and so on. 360 different antivirus software and antivirus can coexist, is a good anti-virus software, and it is a one-time through the VB100 certification of domestic soft kill.

Matters needing attention

360 antivirus offline update can upgrade 360 antivirus virus database to the new version.

360 antivirus offline update download is divided into two types:
1, the increment of the virus database update package:
Suitable for the installation of 360 antivirus complete version of the user. Can be downloaded directly after the operation, 360 antivirus virus database upgrade to the latest version
2, the full amount of the virus database installation package:
Suitable for installation without local antivirus antivirus 360 mini version of the user, will be installed with local virus library

Functional characteristics

1, no activation code, permanent free: real permanent free antivirus software, the function of shoulder charge products, no activation code, not to renew every year, every month to spend money
2, the leading twin engine, powerful anti-virus anti-virus engine: conventional international leading +360 cloud antivirus engine, powerful, comprehensive protection for your computer security
3, light speed is not card game, no bother: light and fast, can also fly in the Internet, unique disturb mode allows you to play the game without disturbing
4, the unique trusted program database, to prevent the manslaughter of 360 safe centers: relying on trusted program database, real-time check, 360 antivirus manslaughter rate is extremely low.
5, heuristic techniques, intercept unknown virus: 360 antivirus has the leading heuristic analysis technology, can intercept the first time an unknown virus
6, the rapid escalation of timely access to the latest protection: multiple daily upgrades, allowing you to timely access to the latest virus database and virus protection
7, 360: new virus and antivirus security threats with information, upgrade the cloud killing the engine, upgraded the QVM heuristic engine

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