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Today's headlines PC version of the latest version of 7.0.5 2019

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-01-07
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Today's headlines PC version of the latest version of 7.0.5 2019
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Today's headlines PC version is currently China, the most fiery hot news in the aggregate class APP, provide the reader with real-time, innovative, high quality hot news, meet the latest strong curiosity. Today's headlines or a automatically learning software, it will be wise to analyze your hobbies, automatically recommend you love the content, and the more you use the more you understand.


The aggregate information platform of major portals, covering hot spots, science and technology, finance, society, international, entertainment, scripts, pictures, sports, military, automotive... To micro-blog, WeChat share content whenever and wherever possible, the circle of friends, QQ space, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms.

Today's headlines computer version of the installation instructions:

The first step: first, today's headlines download computer version , download unpacked file format for apk.

The second step: then you need to download and install BlueStacks BlueStacks: [click Details Android simulator bluestacks installation tutorial ]

The third step: keep your computer directly open the.Apk file, in today's headlines, for example, point to open the "jinritoutiao_qqtn.apk" below, wait a minute, the game is loaded.

The fourth step: after the success of open BlueStacks BlueStacks, as shown in the picture below, click the icon to run the game "today's headlines" on the computer!


1) 5 seconds to figure out your interests: no registration, use micro-blog, QQ, everyone can visit;

2) the contents of a comprehensive and timely polymerization more than 2000 content sites, 24 hours non-stop brush;

3) recommended reading content accurate: not the same as everyone;

4) comment: comment more awesome than the wonderful;

5) shared: social networking platform share a key

6) cloud storage: collection and comment on your automatic backup cloud data is never lost, all can be viewed on the mobile phone and computer

Xiao Bian experience:

Page list


Design the sidebar menu today by sliding around the head, so that the front page reading area is relatively large. But the channel slide top bar follows the most design portal news client using, for the convenience of users in the home quickly find want to see the type of news, but this design for a few more news users may not too easy.

The user can set the home page is displayed in the list. But there are two big problems:

This is too long

The show is too long, so that the extreme case of a screen can only display a little more news.


The treatment is too simple

Most of the intercepted text just the beginning of a paragraph of text, including news headlines, date, and related news, experience is very bad, and did not reflect the role.


If the treatment is not very good interception, recommended to hide this option.


The text pages.

The page is the experience of reading the key, can be considered from the following aspects or optimization:

Full screen reading

I think that should be the standard full screen reading: more space means more content, removing irrelevant elements users can also focus on reading. Today's headlines now in the top of the page bar bar at the end of a compression of the reading area, I think it is to add full screen reading function, interaction I tend to finger to slide when full screen.


Related reading and comments

The new version of the bottom bar is the center of the button to read and comment, compared to the original puzzled me the "next" button, this design is clearly more valuable. I only want to make complaints about the interaction is the collector, now users can only click on the right side of the area into the collectors list, I feel too subtle, click anywhere on the entire region into the list of collectors will be better. According to the current design, in the middle of a few collectors, blank, the user clicks without any feedback would be more confused.


Gesture to adjust the font size

Most of the news client can enlarge or shrink the font with two fingers, very convenient. Today's headlines can also learn, of course, the priority is not very high, can be used as a function of the icing on the cake.

Layout and font

Typesetting is mainly considering the readability and the page capacity balance. Today's headlines has done well, the text size and spacing are more appropriate.

Update log:

The Spring Festival headlines grab 1 billion red envelopes
Today's headlines official "rich Chinese year Spring Festival activities"
Envelopes all cash withdrawals without threshold

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