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Today's headline PC version 2019 7.0.5 latest edition

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2019-01-07
  • Official website: Download lightning.
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The latest version of today's headline PC version 2019 7.0.5
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Today's headline PC is currently the most popular hot news aggregator APP in mainland China, which provides readers with real-time, innovative and high-quality news to satisfy the latest and strongest curiosity. Today's headline is an information software that will automatically learn. It will cleverly analyze your interests and automatically recommend the content you like, and the more you know it, the more you will understand it.


The platform information of all major portals can be aggregated, including hotspots, technology, finance, society, international, entertainment, scripts, pictures, sports, military affairs, and cars. Anytime and anywhere, you can share content with micro-blog, WeChat, friends circle, QQ space, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

Installation instructions for today's headline computer version:

The first step: first download today's headline computer version, download the file after decompression is APK format.

The second step: then you need to download and install. BlueStacks BlueStacks, click on details: Android simulator bluestacks installation using picture and text tutorial ]

The third step: directly open the.Apk file saved on your computer. Take today's headline as an example, click on "jinritoutiao_qqtn.apk" as follows: wait a while, wait until the game is loaded.

The fourth step: after success, open. BlueStacks BlueStacks, as shown in the diagram below, click on the icon to run the headline game on the computer.


1) 5 seconds to calculate your interest: no need to register, use micro-blog, QQ, everyone can login.

2) the content is comprehensive and timely: aggregated more than 2000 content sites, and brushed them in 24 hours.

3) recommend accuracy: everyone reads differently.

4) commentary is wonderful: comments are more powerful than articles.

5) sharing convenience: sharing the whole social platform

6) cloud storage: cloud automatically backup your collection and comments, data will never be lost, and can be viewed on mobile phones and computers.

Xiaobian experience:

Home page list


Today's head uses the left and right side sidebar menu design, so that the reading area of the front page is relatively large. The channel slipping handover of the top rails follows the design adopted by most of the portal news clients, so that users can quickly find the news type that they want to see on the front page, but this design may not be convenient for a few users who focus on many kinds of news.

Users can set up the home page list to display summaries. But there are two major problems in the abstract:

Abstract is too long.

The abstracts are too long, so that one screen can display only a little more news in extreme cases.


Summary processing is too brief.

Most abstracts only intercept the first paragraph of the text, even including news headlines, dates, and related news. The experience is very bad and does not reflect the role of the abstract.


If the interception of the abstract is not well handled, it is recommended to hide this option first.


Text page

The text page is the key to reading experience. It can be considered or optimized from the following aspects.

Full screen reading

I think full screen reading should be a standard: larger space means more content, and removing unrelated elements can also help users focus on reading. Today's headlines are now on the top and bottom columns of the text page, which compresses the reading area. I think it is necessary to add the function of full screen reading. On the interaction, I prefer the full screen when fingers slide up and down.


Related reading and commentary

The new version gives the relevant buttons to the center button, which is obviously more valuable than the "next button" that puzzled me. The only thing I want to talk about is the interaction of collectors. Now users only click on the rightmost area to enter the collectors list. It's too hidden. I think it would be better to click anywhere in the whole area to enter the collectors list. According to the current design, when the collectors are few and the middle is blank, the user clicks without any feedback and will be confused.


Gestures adjust font size

Most news clients can use the two fingers to enlarge or reduce the font directly, which is very convenient. Today's headlines can also be learned. Of course, this priority is not very high, and can be used as icing on the cake.

Typesetting and fonts

Typesetting is mainly about the balance between readability and page capacity. Today's headlines are not bad, and the size and spacing of words are more appropriate.

Update log:

Grab 1 billion red envelopes on the Spring Festival
Today's headline official Spring Festival "China's riches year"
There is no threshold for cash in cash.

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