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The network version (Netman) ultimate V2.447 latest version for free

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-01-09
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The network version (Netman) ultimate V2.447 latest version for free
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Network remote control software is a free remote control software and remote monitoring software, it received the Ministry of public security and the 360 certification, SDK development package, can be used for LAN monitoring, remote control, remote screen monitoring. It realizes the network penetration and remote monitoring, monitoring computer monitoring function. The network version is a free LAN monitoring software, network download crack can be realized after free remote control software. Remote control software which is better? The preferred network remote control software, as long as the Internet can computer remote management, remote control or remote remote monitoring, remote office and remote management. Lightning Xiaobian here for a long time the latest update of ultimate, the love to download it!


Installation and operation of network in ultimate, was installed on the host computer control program, and login ID, in the end the same login control register ID controlled terminal automatic on-line (don't know each other, and IP) in list form appears in the control end of the program, select one or more remote end can be controlled control.
With the computer network remote boot card, can realize the remote boot network software system starts with automatic dial-up networking, automatic login, remote shutdown of the members of a series of operations, let you control the remote computer whenever and wherever possible.
The network can penetrate the network without ultimate maps, with screen monitoring, video monitoring, voice recording, keyboard timing, desktop video screen wall, video wall etc.. It uses the world's fastest VNC core, remote control keyboard and mouse fast upload and download files. It is the formal legal software, can be customized to monitor whether that person was found, not as a virus killing antivirus software.

[main function]

1. screen wall function: watch the computer screen at the same time, the video screen and other computer operating records. To prevent the unauthorized use of computer, computer security protection.
2. video wall function: to open multiple computer camera, and at the same time to watch the video camera. Can be used for safety monitoring of the surrounding environment.
3. screen video timing read function: can be used as the reader reads generated screen for regular video file encryption. Mainly for parents of children on the staff of the enterprise supervision, monitoring and management of computer room, Internet cafes.
4.: batch management computer can be closed at the same time, restart or logoff computer, to facilitate the unified management of the computer.
5. sub accounts: simultaneously logged more control end at the same time, achieve many remote control.
6.U shield: encryption protection provides protection for the security level of the electronic banking software, which greatly improves the safety of the use of the software.
7. document distribution: the electronic file batch delivery to multiple specified computer, save resources and time.
8. send broadcast simultaneously to multiple designated computer to send text messages. With the wide scope of information dissemination, rapid spread characteristics.
9. access to remote desktop computer: you can use local mouse and keyboard as the unit operating remote computer. Support file upload and download, screen pictures and videos. The computer can be used for remote maintenance, remote technical support.
10. open the remote computer camera: on rotation with rotating camera. For voice and video communication and text communication, can be used to record the video.
The remote computer 11. management processes and windows: various operations on the remote computer and the process window, such as the end, preservation.


Remote screen viewing function update
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