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database management and development tools (Navicat for ) V12 12.1.12 latest version of crack

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  • Update: 2019-01-10
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  database management and development tools (Navicat for ) V12 12.1.12 latest version of crack
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Navicat for SQL server is a specially designed for the powerful database management and development tools Microsoft design. It can be used for 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2008R2 and SQL Azure, and supports most of the latest features, including flip flops, and other functions. The function of Navicat to meet all the needs of professional developers, but for the novice and is very easy to learn.


Function introduction

A very complete Navicat graphical user interface (GUI), so you can easily secure and simple method to create, organization, access and sharing of information and the management of .
Support for the latest version of

Additional connection options
Instant server Guide
Strong visual database designer
Carefully designed visual creation tools or SQL editor
Import and export diversification ability
The powerful tool of data manipulation
Strong safety management
Easy to use tools to create report
system requirements
Microsoft Windows XP, SP2 Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows 7
Pentium II processor or above
Hard disk space required to install and complete installation, the available space requires 65 MB hard disk
Support for the latest version of
Support 2000, 2005 and 2008R2
Support SQL Azure
Support all objects: tables, views and functions.
Support all the sub object: field, index, foreign key, unique key, check and trigger.
Link management server, server trigger.
The management of the assembly, partition function, partition scheme and database trigger.
Management index, synonyms and trigger.
Support the character set and unicode.

Functional characteristics

Seamless data transfer data transmission, data synchronization and frame synchronization allows you to quickly and easily transfer data with low cost. Provide detailed guidelines to transfer data between databases. The data structure and database comparison and synchronization. Only a few seconds to setup and deployment of alignment, and get you to run the script with the change.

Diversified operation tool Import Wizard can send data in different formats to the database, or set up a data source connection and the use of ODBC transmission. Table, view or the results of the data can be exported to Excel, Access, CSV and other formats. Using the grid data table view style and a series of data editing tools to add, modify and delete records, you edit the data conveniently. Navicat provide effective data management tools for you, and to ensure smooth.

Simple SQL editor SQL to create visual tools to help you create, edit and run SQL statements, and not have to worry about grammar and the correct usage of command. Through keyword suggestions and reduce the duplication of the same input code, automatically complete code and custom code encoding function allows more quickly.

Intelligent database designer uses the professional designer to create and modify our objects and manage all database objects. The precision of the database design and model creation tools can be converted to a graphical representation of the database, allows you to easily create a model, create and understand complex database.

Improve the productivity for intuitive interface backup utility can guide you to complete the backup process, and reduce the chance of error occurred. The design of interactive interface and efficient workflow allows you to complete the high quality professional statements in a few minutes, and in order to repeatable deployment (such as report generation and scripting) set in the specific time or date automatically. No matter where you are, can put things right.

Cooperation is more convenient to synchronize your connection settings, query model, and the virtual group to our Navicat Cloud service, so you can access them in real time, and whenever and wherever possible to share with colleagues. With Navicat Cloud, you can make good use of every minute, so that you achieve the highest productivity. Learn more.

Senior security created a secure connection connection through the SSH channel, to ensure that each connection is safe, stable and reliable. Navicat 12 provides the environment authentication mechanism and high performance more, so you don't have to worry about the use of unsafe network connection.


In November 23, 2018 Navicat for (Windows) version of 12.1.10
Bug repair:
Insert data in the table viewer when the list index out of range error.
To narrow the "server monitor" process list "tab on the last column.
Small bug fixes and improvements.
In August 21, 2018 Navicat for (Windows) version of 12.1.6
Bug repair:
In the TEXT editor to display data "{}" unknown internal error.
Error editor data.
Error occurred when deleting a record, Esc shortcut does not work.
Error renaming the existing column and add a new column.
When a string of more than 5880 characters, the filter value is not displayed.
No index, not in table designer the index tab displayed in the column list.
Cannot apply the filter configuration file.
Unable to roll in the "filter Wizard" in the right.
Open design table in a large database of freezing.
"Open table" and "design" is not properly synchronized.
Change the source file in the configuration file, and field mapping has been changed into the target.
In July 31, 2018 Navicat for (Windows) version of 12.1.5
Improved filter wizard.
The table designer supports the default field values.
Bug repair:
Application of filter collapse in the foreign key in the selection window.
Small bug fixes and improvements.
In May twenty-nine 2018navicat (Windows) version of 12.0.29
The error is fixed.
When the file is incorrect encoding two SQL database file transfer.
Detected synchronizing after synchronous structure difference.
Incorrect's unique value is imported from.Dbf file.
When the modified such crash site name in some cases.
"(" I added two INSERT statements when deployment script data synchronization.
.ndm file association is not working.
In May 8, 2018, (Windows) Navicat version of 12.0.28

Bug repair:

80041318 error saving task plan.
Save program / function, the cursor position for moving to the bottom line.
Off the table in some cases, the transaction has no end.
To upgrade, please visit our customer center.

Apr 25 2018Navicat for (Windows) 12.0.27 version
Bug repair:

Zero bit decimal digital display Table not Viewer.
Table SQL viewer Server "double" format.
Are not saved when the query is derived from the SQL file is not the name of the table.
An unknown error occurred inside import from ODBC.
Syntax error occurs when importing the CSV file in some cases.
The name of the database is missing the synchronization delete SQL structure.
Cannot change the query editor tab width.
When the table is unable to edit alias query results.
The lack of process parameter structure synchronous generation script.
An unknown error occurred inside the automatic operation.
Cannot transfer with HEX format.
Encoding output text file problem.
To upgrade, please visit our customer center.

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