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Cool special notation composer v9.05 the latest version installed

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-10-24
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Cool special notation composer v9.05 the latest version installed
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Cool special notation composer is a domestic composition software set notation composer, music accompaniment, musical notation software automatic export printing, virtual keyboard, MIDI keyboard, Cara OK and other functions in one of the music software, you can use the software to modify the tune, also support the VST plug-in and timbre effect.


1. NEW

Click the toolbar button, or click the file menu, select "new" option, then a new CuteMIDI format (*.jp) file items.

2. open

Click the toolbar button, or click the file menu, select "open" option, you can open a *.jp file format and *.mid file format. Can filter to the corresponding file format by opening the file type options dialog box.

This program can open the CuteMIDI file; can also open the open standard MIDI file format and MIDI file format is 1, 0 of the document, if the format for the MIDI 0 conversion display and processing data in MIDI format 1.

3. save

Click the toolbar button, or click the file menu, select "save" option, the program according to the current name of the file to determine the file format for the corresponding format data and save. (Note: this function is provided in the shared version)

Save as 4.

Click the toolbar button, or click the file menu, select "save" option. Open the Save As dialog box, select the save type, can be saved as CuteMIDI (*.jp) format, and can re select the path and name of the file.

5. export MIDI

Click the toolbar button, or click the file menu, select "export MIDI" option. Open the dialog, the exported file format to save type, ".Mid" MIDI format, you can open in other music software; also can direct all player software, open play; can also be stored to the mobile phone, as the bell.

6. recording MP3

Click the toolbar button, or click the file menu, select "record MP3" option. Open the dialog, the function, can you make songs through the sound card, recorded directly into the MP3 file, then save it to computer.

According to the following steps when recording

(1): before recording, please open your songs, set up instruments and so on, and then play, audition results are satisfied. Satisfied, the next step.

(2): set the recording line, if your sound card, the recording line option, a stereo option, select the option, through a stereo recording out of the sound effect is good. If you are a professional sound card, the recording options for different users and different sound card, you can choose.

(3): set the recording volume and playback volume

The recording volume settings, can not be set too high, too big, there will be howling or noise; if the set is too small, then recording out of the sound is very small. Users are advised, after repeated recording test, find good volume position, can be fixed, not easily change. The general card set above the volume size is more appropriate.

The playback volume settings, with their audition feeling comfortable and appropriate, slightly larger, can also be. Pictured above.

(4): start recording, when the volume parameters set up, please click the button to start recording, you can record.

Note: the start and end synchronous playback synchronous playback options before the mark up, so, click on the button to start recording, the software will automatically play or stop operation.

If the synchronous playback start and synchronous playback end options before the check mark does not play, then click start and stop recording, recording, not to control playback, playback and end when, by the user's manual control.

(5): when you click the start stop recording, recording, stop recording button, will become effective when recording to the appropriate position, click the button to stop recording. Will pop up as the Save As dialog box, as shown below:

At this point, you can choose to save the path, MP3 data will be recorded and saved to your hard disk. The mp3 can use ordinary player for playback; also can be copied to the mobile phone, or MP3 device inside the play; can also publish to the Internet for friends to enjoy.

(6): Cara OK: when you need to record directly to voice and accompaniment together, to record the MP3 file. Simply plug the microphone, the microphone, singing it. Effect of recording is very important, the size of the volume can be set, after repeated tests, the effect of the volume settings, look at the future in accordance with the settings, set the volume can be.

7. output picture

Click the file menu, select the "output picture" option. Open the following dialog box, as shown below:

The output picture, recommended in the first page window (select menu window > page window, you can enter the page window), the music publishing layout is good, satisfied, then output image.

This software can output BMP and EMF two file formats, can output the current page window, music picture display; can also output all pictures. EMF is a vector picture, pictures, is magnified, no distortion, good printing quality.

The output of the picture, can be directly inserted into the Word document, or direct printing.

8. print

Click on the "file" menu, select "print" option will enter the printing options. The following figure: (Note: this function is provided in the shared version)

Before printing, please in the page window, the page of the musical settings are satisfied, and then print.

When printing options in the name of the printer, you can select the printer type.

If you install the Adobe Acrobat this PDF virtual printer options, can print music output PDF file. You can then copy directly to the PDF file, a printer, print, that is to say, do not install the cool special notation composer software, can also print.

9. Print Preview

Note that the cool special notation composer, when the page settings, using the virtual page, print preview option is invalid. When is the selection of the printer page, this option will become effective. See the following section, page setup.

The 10. page setup

Click the file menu, choose page setup options, will enter the print page settings.

Note: in the Yellow box:

(1). The default is, do not use the printer page, at this time, the size of the paper is the software custom size, the page size of music, direct export picture.

(2). When the computer, install a printer, you can click the printer page button, set the printer page. To use the printer page option is selected. At this time, the file - > Print Preview option will become effective.

(3). Other parameters, in the page here, can set the direction of page margins, etc.. Click OK, the page window will be set, page parameters, display.

(4). Custom page, paper size options, select custom, long box and set the paper, margins, can be made of special paper size of music, as shown below:

Here, you can set the direction of the page margins, etc.. Click OK, the page window will be set, page parameters, display and layout, and can be directly through the file menu of the output picture option, direct export picture.

The custom picture function, can be used to output the special paper size of the picture, such as the CD disc sheet sheet; Word insert music clips, music teaching for typesetting.

Exit 11.

Click this option will exit the program.


First, strengthen the function of the automatic dispenser, automatic dispenser after accompaniment, more rich and colorful, full of changes, closer to the melody of paragraph development.
(1): an improved automatic orchestration algorithm and automatic orchestration model, the new automatic dispenser, automatic matching of corresponding accompaniment styles. To simplify the selection of instruments.
(2): the use of a different style, matching patterns with the same orchestration algorithm, easy to quickly choose their own melody style file.
(3): increase the download style file from the network, and then directly to the software update style library, users can use the latest style and experience at any time to enjoy cool official. (4)....

Two, improve the VST plug-in read update algorithm.
(1): the new improved VST plug-in loading algorithm, the software start speed, not because the installation of the plug-in is increased to reduce the starting speed.
Third, improve the construction of the free note edit mode. More conducive to making music, construct the symbol changes on the free adjustment of operation notes.
(1): the new version adds the selected row insert function, is conducive to the production because of the omission of the changes of the operation.
Fourth, increasing the number of tracks and insert value function.
(1): increase the number of tracks and insert, delete the duration of operation, convenient arrangement, can quickly change into music etc..
Five, other new features.
Installation tutorial:

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